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How to draw a skull with a pencil in stages for beginners


Good day! Today we tell and show How to draw a skull with a pencil (I understand that it sounds creepy and menacing, but you probably already saw that he was not scary, but very cute. I would even say that he is no longer cute, but positive, unless, of course, this can be said about the skull).

How to draw a skull with a pencil

Traditionally, I will tell you about the history of this phased lesson. For a long time, our main artist and I have not lived together and are even located in different cities. But the work unites us and thank God that there is such a useful thing as the Internet, with which we have the opportunity to work together, but at a distance! So, Daria (this is our main artist) draws all the lessons on his tablet, then sends them to me in the mail, and I, in turn, process them, bring them to condition and upload them to the network (such a good division of labor). AND nearly always the artist and I agree on a specific lesson, for example, How to draw a skull with a pencil. Nearlybut not always! That is exactly what happened with this work. I had no idea what she would send this time. And here comes a message with a signature Yorik. What? Which one else Yorik? I open it, and there it’s a cute shard.

I then asked her about 5 times, who is "Yorik" and why so called the lesson, and not "How to draw a skull with a pencil" ? But she never confessed to me! I think that this "Yorik" from Shakespeare's Hamlet, although not a fact. If you have your own version of where this "Eric" came from, we will be glad to see them in the comments to this lesson :) Well, I think that it’s time to round off with conversations and all sorts of stupid stories from life and start drawing! You have a bright head, a blank piece of paper, a pencil, an eraser and 15 minutes of free time. Click on the picture before you start drawing the skull .

Drawing by cells

When you have already mastered the drawings of Momo, and you liked to portray unusual paintings, we suggest figuring out how to easily draw a skull. If you are new to this type of creativity, but want to learn how to portray these silhouettes, then this lesson is ideal to start creating. Getting started:

  1. Closer to the top side of the sheet, in a horizontal position, draw a line with a length of three cells. On the sides of this sketch we put vertical lines in one cell. Connect the sides of the outline in a large semicircle.
  2. Now, in the middle of the sketch, draw the eyes in the form of circles. On the bottom side of the sketch, draw two straight lines of the same length. Paint the silhouettes of the eyes.
  3. We show a sticking bone in our heads or draw a rose. In a similar way, add the bone on the other side of the picture. We withdraw the mouth in the form of a triangle, paint it.
  4. Next, under the picture we write “Danger” or “Stop”. Point the perimeter of a rectangular shape. Decorate the plot with sloping lines.

The plate with the skull is ready. Of course, you can simply draw a silhouette of the skull and not add unnecessary elements, but we decided to embellish the picture a bit and added these parts.

Skull with swords

This work is a little more complicated than the previous one, but if you could draw an angel, then it will not seem difficult for you. Now, let's find out how you can draw skulls with a simple pencil according to the step-by-step instructions for beginner artists. Getting started with drawing:

  1. In the left part of the sheet, approximately in the middle, draw an inclined segment. Add a small vertical sketch to it. We draw the outline of the handle of the sword to this silhouette.
  2. We supplement the work with the lower part of the skull. At the end of this figure, draw another hilt of the sword. Draw a small segment up and draw the blade of the sword.
  3. Further, from the end of this silhouette, we draw the upper part of the skull and depict the second edge of the sword. We detail the upper parts of the sword. In the middle of the head contour, we divide the front part. We detail the handle of the weapon.
  4. Now, at the bottom of the sketch, show the jaw. We complement the drawing with teeth. On the forehead and cheekbones, stripes show cracks. Draw the eyes in the form of an uneven circle. We show the hollow of the nose. We re-detail the handle of the weapon.
  5. Then, take a black marker, circle the entire drawing around the perimeter. We highlight the dark places on the silhouette with this color. And finally, we paint over our eyes.

The work is ready. So, you learned how to draw a skull in stages in several ways. But we will not dwell on this.

Graffiti on paper

If you coped with the previous options, we complicate the task a bit. Now we will draw graffiti on which will be the silhouette of the skull. If you are just learning to draw, then you must fully comply with our instructions to get the desired result.
For this work, you need a simple pencil and a black marker to colorize the picture. Having prepared these items, we can begin the creative process.

How to easily draw graffiti in the shape of a skull:

  1. In the middle of the sheet, we draw the silhouette of the fire, if you do not know how to draw it, our site will help you. Immediately shade this sketch. Next to the top of the light we draw a horizontal wave-like segment. On both sides of this segment, add the arches and bring out the eye.
  2. Next, in a similar way, draw the eye on the left side of the sketch. We detail these sections and show the vertical arcs with thick lines. We draw the contour of the head. We show the upper jaw and detail the skull itself.
  3. Now, with a semi-shaded, we draw a hat on the head of the skull. Divide it into two sections and show the folds on the fabric. Decorate with visible seams in the form of a dotted line. Hover over this part of the outline with a thicker line.
  4. Then, draw the border of the lower jaw, show the teeth on it. Point with a thick pencil and specify all the details.
  5. Getting started with the marker. Re-circle all the strokes. Paint over the eyes and nose. We show the dark area behind the eye. Color the perimeter in the mouth and finally, decorate the right side of the cap.

Graffiti with a skull ready. Here's how to draw a realistic skull step by step. The work, of course, is difficult for independent drawing, but, and according to our instruction, you will be able to repeat this masterpiece in your album.

Human skull with pencil

We dealt with the previous works, now let's draw the human skull with a simple pencil. The work is simple, but it is ideal to learn to draw these silhouettes. If you learn to portray a skull, then in the future it will be easier for you to portray people, because for drawing a human head you need just such knowledge of the proportions of skulls.

  1. In the middle of the sheet, draw a vertical line, its length will indicate the length of the drawing itself. At the top of the vertical line we put a horizontal mark of the height of the skull box, divide the line in half with an identical segment. We measure the length of the plot and divide it into three parts.
  2. Further, along these two marks we draw horizontally. In the section between the upper and third line from the top, we draw a circle. Starting from the circle, draw two lines down to the next horizontal. We draw a line and show already the outline of the skull.
  3. In the middle we show the nose and begin to put out our eyes. We specify the perimeter of the eyes with a thicker layer. Now, we detail the area above the nose, display the maxillary perimeter. We divide the mouth into two sections and depict closed teeth. We tint over the jaw shadow areas. With a soft black pencil we draw the eyebrow places above the eyes.
  4. Shade half the perimeter of the eye, the area in the middle of the jaw and specify the remaining dark places on the silhouette. With a black pen we draw the teeth.

Image is ready. You have learned how to draw a human skull. This image is complex, especially when working with hatching and shading, but to get the desired result, you must follow the step by step instructions.

Drawing of a skull in a hood

Of course, if you were able to draw all the previous paintings, you can stop studying this material. But we propose to consolidate the acquired knowledge and depict the silhouette of the skull in the hood. This drawing is suitable for both children and adults, the main thing is to adhere to our briefing and comply with all requirements, especially if you are new to the visual arts.

Recreating the silhouette of the skull:

  1. Starting from the middle of the sheet, we derive the shape of the nose of the skull. On the sides we finish the hollows of the eyes. We outline the boundaries of the head under the hood.
  2. Select the cheekbones and display the perimeter of the lower jaw. We retreat from the bottom a little up and do preliminary sketches of the mouth. In the mouth we draw a lot of lower and upper teeth. Draw the borders of the hood.
  3. We detail this sketch with folds. We retreat from the skull pattern a little down and depict the bones and fingers. We continue to detail the hood and the rest of the cloak.
  4. Then, draw the border of the hood on the left side. Outline the entire drawing with a black marker. Select the folds on the cloak on the left side. We show the line the separated hood from the cloak. Lines specify the folds at the top of the cape. Select the sleeve from the clothes.
  5. Next, draw a silhouette of a limb. We detail the cape sleeve. Paint over the eyes and nose with a marker. We bring out the dark places in the jaw and, finally, draw a spine under the head on which the skull supposedly rests.

The drawing is ready. You see, to draw a skull on paper is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. If you adhere to the briefing in detail, the child will completely cope with the work.

We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the material about the drawings of the wolf. These images are no less interesting, our today's material.

How to draw a pirate skull with bones step by step

And so let's start drawing our skulls) Let's start by drawing an egg. This will be our basic skull shape.

Step 2

Now we need to draw the eye sockets so that they are symmetrically to each other and do not move where, where we draw the nose.

Step 3

So, we need to draw the cheekbones on our skull and not forget about the superciliary arches by marking them with a curved line as shown in the figure. The main thing is not in a hurry, but try to do everything smoothly and cleanly, although to someone like))

Step 4

We begin to schematically depict the jaw, the shape of the lower jaw is somewhat similar to a doorknob. Next, add some details, such as hollows for the teeth.

Step 5

We draw the teeth as shown in the figure.

Step 6

We will draw a crack on the forehead and begin drawing an approximate arrangement of the crossed bones. If you draw with a pencil, then you always have a chance to erase the non-resulting lines or shapes, for that there is an eraser))

Step 7

Finish with the bones of our skull and go to the next step.

Step 8

Let's go over the details of the skull and bones. Add a few curved lines along the edges of the bones.

Step 9

Our skullhead is almost ready. All that remains for us is to erase unnecessary lines. Do not forget to add a bullet hole to the skull.

Step 10

Here is the final result of our labors. And now, march to scrub the deck, Karamba. P.S. I hope this lesson will be useful for beginners who want to learn how to draw. If this post helps anyone, I will certainly translate more lessons and make my own. Thanks to all))

How to draw a human skull in stages

In the first stage, we draw the axis

Step 2

We begin to build a skull. The main part is an oval, which is easier to fit into a rectangle. And the front part

Step 3

Now draw the eye sockets and jaws

Step 4

Draw the main lines of the skull

Step 5

Now let's start hatching our skull

Step 6

At this point, highlight the darker places.

Step 7

You can use colored pencils (for a more scary skull). The lesson is over.

How to draw a skull with tongue

To draw this tattoo, you need to start with guiding shapes and lines.

Step 2

Now begin to outline the outline of the skull.

Step 3

Next, draw teeth and holes for the eyes.

Step 4

Draw your eyes and teeth, and detail a little skull.

Step 5

Now you can draw a long tongue and start drawing the bones of the ridge.

Step 6

Darken the area of ​​the eyes and nose, and also draw the ridge.

Step 7

That's the end of the lesson, the skull is ready. Waiting for your drawings.

How to draw a skull pierced by a dagger with a snake in stages

We begin our drawing by drawing sketch lines of the base of the skull. To do this, draw a circle, then draw a line in its lower part, and draw an oval in the upper part. After, at the top of the circle, draw a semicircular line, as you see in our example.

Step 2

We begin to draw the snake's face. To do this, draw the upper and lower jaws of the snake, as in our sketch.

Step 3

We draw in more detail the snake's face. To do this, draw her eyes, nostrils, upper and lower fangs, and then draw a long tongue of the snake.

Step 4

We draw a curved body of a snake. After we draw it, we proceed to sketch the skull.

Step 5

Let's start by drawing the upper part of the skull, and then gradually move on to drawing the cheekbones, eyebrow, and upper jaw.

Step 6

Now that we have drawn the shape of the skull, drawing the facial details of the skull will be much more grove. And now we are drawing eyeballs and nose bridge. Pay special attention to drawing the eyes of the skull, as they give the tattoo a particularly mesmerizing look.

Step 7

We draw the teeth, and after the blade of the dagger, which pierces through the skull.

Step 8

Draw the bottom of the skull. After we draw the areas for the teeth, and only then draw the teeth to the skull. When drawing, make sure that the lower teeth are the same size as the upper.

Step 9

We draw the back surface of the skull and add small structural details to it, which will give the skull an even more awesome look.

Step 10

And finally, we finish the bone handle of the dagger, and after around the skull we finish the snakes encircling the body, as you see in our example.

Step 11

That's all! You just drew this awesome skull, and all you have to do is paint it as you see fit. And that's all for you, see you!

How to draw a skull with a rose rosary and a cross

Start painting with a skull shape.

Step 2

Now start drawing the outline of the skull.

Step 3

Start painting then part of the rose.

Step 4

Then finish the rose, add her petals.

Step 5

Add a couple of petals and detail the rose.

Step 6

Step 7

Then draw the shape of the eye and detail the skull.

Step 8

Next, draw a long rosary.

Step 9

Draw the leaves on the skull and draw a large cross.

Step 10

So you can draw a beautiful tattoo.

How to draw a skull in flame with a pencil in stages

Start drawing with guiding shapes and lines for your drawing.

Step 2

Then start drawing the outline of the head.

Step 3

Then draw an open mouth and eyes.

Step 4

Next, draw your teeth and draw your eyes and nose, and draw a flame behind your head.

Step 5

Draw the lower teeth and detail the fire.

Step 6

It remains to draw a long tongue and draw a mouth.

Step 7

Here is such a terrible tattoo turned out.

How to draw a skull with roses in stages

Draw the outline of the skull with a hard pencil.

Step 2

We finish the flowers and leaves, as shown in the figure. Leaves and flowers at the edges should be a mirror image of each other.

Step 3

Circle the pattern with a black pen or marker. In this case, the marker is less preferable because it leaves too thick lines.

Step 4

With a soft pencil we darken the eye sockets. Moreover, we darken their upper part more, since light does not fall there. Next, shade the nostrils (this is the darkest part of the picture). When drawing a skull, the left temple is darker than the right, as the light falls on the right. Shade the flowers and leaves. First, the tone should be one shade. Next, darken the leaves, focusing on the veins. After that, you just have to darken the flower buds in those places where it is necessary.

Step 5

Blend the picture with a piece of paper. If it becomes too pale, then shade the dark places again to get brightness. Now you know how to draw a skull with roses in stages

Draw the base of the skull

First, draw a simple line. The length of the line depends on your preference - the longer, the larger the picture. If necessary, do not be afraid to use the ruler.

We determine the center of the line and put a mark.

Draw a new line perpendicular to the previous one. Let it be a little longer than the first.

We draw a copy of the first line on the opposite side, a cross-shaped figure is formed.

From the resulting cross we will draw an oval. If you have difficulty drawing such shapes, proceed as follows: start with light strokes between the two ends of the perpendicular lines.

Then on these strokes we draw a clear line.

We use this technique and finish the oval.

Find the center of the left quarter ...

... and divide this side into six equal segments.

Using a curve we connect two points through one.

Divide the previous line with another curve, forming a loop.

Draw the jaw

Draw a short line of the oval down.

We put marks on this line.

Draw a horizontal line crossing the bottom point.

Now divide the right quarter of the oval into four segments.

From the first point we draw a line down.

From the loop, draw another line down parallel to the previous one.

Divide the last line into four segments.

We cross the central point with a perpendicular line. Its length should be the same as the length of the segment that this line intersects. Notice that this line is parallel to the longest line crossing the center of the oval.

Circle the resulting symmetrical cross with a circle.To simplify the task, we use the method of drawing circles that we used for the oval.

We close the jaw shape with two additional lines.

We draw a nose and teeth

On the back of the skull, draw a small circle.

We divide the lower part of the circle from the previous section into three segments.

Through four points we draw a curve.

Draw a circle above the loop. In this place we will draw an eyebrow.

From the eyebrow to the jaw draw a line.

Between the loop and the eyebrow we draw a neat curve.

Under the oval, draw a line parallel to the long line crossing the oval.

Under the eyebrow, draw another curve. It will be a nose bridge.

From the nose bridge we draw a line to the center of the circle on the jaw.

The upper right part of the circle on the jaw is divided into three segments.

From the extreme point on the circle, draw a line to the bottom curve.

Draw three curved lines for the teeth.

Detail skull

Now we divide the quarter circle on the jaw into two segments.

Between a point on the circle and the eye socket draw an oval.

The right side of the oval is divided into two parts.

From the point on the oval, draw a line to the upper end of the jaw.

In the same place, from the lower point of the oval to the end of the jaw, draw a straight line.

On the jaw joint we draw a small oval.

Next to the large oval on the cheek we draw a small circle.

From this circle we draw two curves from which we will form the lower part of the jaw.

From a small circle we draw a curve to the eye opening.

Next, draw the outline of the brain.

Under the contour of the brain we draw an oval and connect it with a straight line with a large circle on the jaw.

In the lower part of the jaw draw a large circle so that the skull has a more realistic shape. The circle should be slightly above the horizontal support line.

Finish drawing the nose by adding a few additional lines.

We continue to draw teeth.

Finish the skull

The sketch is ready! To draw the final contours, we use, for example, a black pen or marker, or put transparent enough paper on top of the sketch to make the outline appear, and draw a circle around the skull.

First, we draw the outer contour of the skull.

Point the eye hole.

Then we draw lines on the temples and cheeks.

We draw the teeth by slightly rounding the base of each tooth.

Now, slightly pressing on the handle, add details on the skull. Nothing more complicated, just a couple of “seams” between the bones of the cranium.

Using shading, apply shadows to give the effect of a drawing from an old book.

From this lesson, you learned how to draw a skull in stages. We also offer to familiarize yourself with other lessons, for example, on drawing a winter landscape.