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How to lose weight in 1 day: fasting days, body cleansing, a bath and a bit of sport


To prepare such a treat, you need to mix 0.5 l of kefir (2.5%) and 1 tbsp. white sugar. The components are mixed in a blender, a cocktail is drunk before bedtime, in the morning 1 kg will go away.

The mechanism of action of this tool is based on a simple rule of weight loss: the more energy the body spends on food processing, the less fat is stored in the body. A composition such as kefir with sugar, in excess contains complex carbons, the splitting of which requires a lot of energy.

Important! Such a cocktail can be taken only 1 time per month, before that, for 2-4 days you should not eat any sour-milk products.

Food for a fasting day

On a note. Health workers claim that one day a week or a month complete fasting has a number of positive factors. With rapid weight loss, the essence of this method is to prevent the intestines from filling up and to be able to use the water that accumulates in the body as efficiently as possible.

As breakfast, you can use a cocktail of kefir and bran. For lunch, it is allowed to eat any vegetables and fruits, except for potatoes. Effective cabbage salad seasoned with olive oil. You can supplement it with a couple of eggs.

For dinner, you can cook any hated broth. You can drink juice as a dessert. During the day, small snacks of fruits, raisins, prunes and dried fruits are allowed.

On a note. Dinner should take place no later than 18.00. After dinner, you can’t eat anything except low-fat cottage cheese before going to bed.

If you drink 300-400 ml of water in the morning after such a meal, go to the toilet and stand on the scales, then a loss of 1-2 kg is guaranteed.

How much we lose

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Safe for health, according to experts, you can lose no more than 150 g per day. Since such weight loss is visually imperceptible, this figure is unlikely to suit you. Therefore, from the outset, keep in mind that losing weight for such a short period of time, even by 700 g, and even more so by 2-3 kg, cannot remain without consequences.

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Health in any case will suffer, only for all this manifests itself in different ways. Some after this will not be able to get up due to exhaustion, others will sit in the toilet due to an upset stomach, and others may experience a nervous breakdown. Be prepared for this, regardless of how many kilograms you plan to lose weight in a day.

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Your actions depend on the goal:

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1 kg

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To lose weight per 1 kg in one day, it is enough to choose one of the proposed methods: arrange a fasting day, purge with laxatives / diuretics or go to the bath / sauna.

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2 kg

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Here you already have to combine the above methods, and even add motor activity.

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3 kg

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You can lose weight by 3 kg in 1 day only theoretically, if you clean the intestines in the morning, drink only water all day, do not sit down for a minute, and sit in the bath for 2-3 hours in the evening. In this case, the body will experience serious stress, from which it will be difficult for him to recover.

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They are no less effective than enemas, allowing you to lose a couple of kilograms per day. However, they have much more contraindications and complications, so you need to be extremely careful.

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  1. Take only as directed by your doctor.
  2. Carefully study contraindications and side effects. In case of doubt, abandon the drug.
  3. Dosage - according to the instructions.
  4. The use of a laxative should be combined with a fasting day.
  5. The night before, it is recommended to warm up in a bath or hot tub.
  6. Do not smoke or drink alcohol within 24 hours before and after use.
  7. To get rid of nausea, you need to chew raisins.

Since you have only 1 day, you need to choose the most powerful and fastest laxatives. These include:

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  • tablets: Bisacodyl, Senade / Senadexin,
  • powders: Fortrans, Forlax, Endofalk and Lavacol, as well as Karlovy Vary salt, magnesia / magnesium sulfate, sodium sulfate,
  • glycerin (candles),
  • castor oil (oil),
  • Microlax (microclyster).

Those who trust only natural compounds can try herbal remedies: Agiolax, Depuraflux, Kafiol, Laminarid, Mukofalk, Naturolax, Musinum, Proctofitol, Ramnil, Fitolaks. Most of them include senna extract.

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What about sports?

We are used to the fact that nutrition and sports always play the main role in the process of weight loss. But if the plans are to lose weight in 1 day, then it is difficult to advise any specific exercises that will help achieve the goal. On their own in such a short time they simply will not have time to do anything. Unless they help burn some calories.

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Hence the conclusion: it doesn’t matter what kind of sport you will be doing that day. The greatest number of calories allows you to lose swimming, running, working out on simulators, salsa and other outdoor dances, and skiing. Choose any set of exercises (our recommendation) and do it for 40-50 minutes to sweat properly. Intervals and sets are not important here, since muscle building is not your task for today.

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As you can see, nothing is impossible in losing weight for 1 day. That's just for health, all this does not pass without a trace. Therefore, be attentive to your well-being. In case of any deterioration, consult a doctor and choose other, longer and safer methods.

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