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A detailed analysis of Candy Crush Friends Saga


How to Hack Candy Crush Saga Soda on Android and iOS and get many lives, boosters and bonuses in the game, as well as how to pass the level. There are secret cheat codes in the game Candy Crush Saga Soda and their use can make your life much easier, because getting hooked on the game is very simple, just play one level, but there are also enough restrictions in the game. Not having time to enjoy the game, then our lives end, or the level becomes impassable, what should be done in this case?

Candy Crush Saga Soda - this is a puzzle and a lot of it depends on luck, the level that you are trying to pass 10 times can be easily given with 11 attempts, so the bottles fell, or the bombs easily formed. But at the same time, we have to wait a long time to get renewable over time, to continue the game, and this is where the game developers earn money.

The list of cheats for hacking the game Candy Crush Soda:

code for getting lives, this is the main cheat that will allow you to play the game as much as you want and not wait for the resumption of one heart in order to continue to puzzle. By entering this code you will get 99 lives for the game - CCS99Liv_Ad492

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Candy Crush Soda Saga - A wonderful puzzle that will please even more if you can pass any level with ease. Indeed, each player has his own level at which he gets stuck and often either quits the game or invests money to buy bonuses in order to complete the game. Now you do not have to spend real money and spoil your nerves, use secret codes and get even more pleasure from the game.

These codes work without downloading mods and apk files and provide the opportunity to get resources for free while not compromising the security of your device. Before as hack gameCandy Crush Soda Saga Be sure to read the instructions and follow all the steps exactly.

Instructions: how and where to enter codes in the game "Candy Crush Soda Saga" - is hidden. Check out site rules.

About features of the device of the new game from King - Candy Crush Friends Saga says Dmitry Kuratnik, game designer from Glera Games

New games from King - this is interesting and it is always a small celebration for both players and developers of mobile games. For players because - they get insanely licked, high-quality and interesting game. For developers - because there is a source of inspiration, an additional source of new mechanics and innovative solutions.

Candy Crush Friends Saga - new Match 3 the game from King, which was launched in the world release on October 11, 2018, and in soft launch the game was on May 2, 2017. At the time of the release of the game in the world release, there were 440 levels in it.

Top downloads
Thanks to the AppAnnie service, it was revealed that Candy Crush Friends Saga during soft launch was at least in Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Ireland, France, Sweden, South Africa.

On World Release Day, the game immediately started to get into the top # 1 downloads in most countries in both the app store and google play. Below you can see the growth in the top downloads in Belgium, the Netherlands and Norway in the app store. Similar growth in other countries where the game was in soft launch:

In some countries where the game was not in soft launch, for example, USA, Canada, Germany, Candy Crush Friends Saga immediately hit the top number 1 downloads:

App Store - USA, Canada, Germany

Top income
In the top income in the app store and google play, the game shows steady growth from the global release to the current moment (October 25, 2018). Which is logical, initially the game does not monetize users and allows you to enjoy for free Candy Crush Friends Saga. Therefore, it takes time before players begin to pay. Below are the positions in the top income of some “cash countries”:

So far, things are a little worse on google play:

App Store USA, top 100 revenue (October 24):

Differences from other Match 3 games of the Saga series
There are few differences, but they are also very significant.
There are 3 main differences:

1. Added game characters, each with a unique ability.

  • You can select a character before starting the level.
  • To unlock a new character, you need to collect “character fragments”, when the player collects the required number of character fragments, he will become available for the game.
  • Fragments of the character are given from gift boxes that are found on the levels, for daily tasks, for completing the dealers, for the mysterious chest that appears on the level map.
  • To activate the character’s ability, you need to match n candies of the specified color. Each character has its own candy color. If there are no candies of the desired color on the level, then before the start of the level they are not allowed to select this character.
  • Most often, if a player has a choice of several characters, the game advises which character is better to choose.
  • A character can have various skins. Skins are mined in the same way as characters from the same sources. The skins themselves do not affect the gameplay and carry only a decorative function.

2. Free boosters are collected from fragments, unlike other games in the Saga series (and in general from other casual Match 3).

That is, now the game does not immediately give the booster as a gift for the deylik or for the chest, but gives several fragments of the booster, and to get the whole booster at your disposal, you need to collect n fragments.

I personally admire this decision because it is safe for the economy of the game, but at the same time every time a player receives an award in the form of fragments of a booster, he still feels pleasure and a sense of joy. As a result, you can often reward the player and not break the economy.

3. Boosters cannot be activated before starting a specific game level.

Bold decision. Counted (or counted until release) CCFSbut it’s not accurate) that the sale of boosters in Match 3 games before the start of the game level is one of the main elements of monetization. And, as you can see from the top income charts, the lack of sales of boosters before the start of the level does not interfere much CCFS to conquer mobile sites. But in CCFS you can buy boosters that last n time (several hours) and strengthen your character, including, give the opportunity to gain an advantage at the start of the level. All types of boosters are discussed in detail below.

I would like to highlight separately CCFS no different from other games Saga series is a level map. She is still there. Despite the fact that the level map in CCFS very beautiful and modeled in 3D - it's still a favorite King level map that is used in Saga games already since 2012. You can bet whether in the next game from King level map again? I bet on what will happen.

And if you continue to engage in predictions, then I bet that soon other casual Match 3 games will begin to give the player, as a gift, not a whole booster, but fragments of a booster. It is interesting that in our company we joked about - “What if the player is given parts of the booster, not the whole booster?” - but these were just jokes, because it seemed to give fragments of boosters is disrespectful to the player . But King not afraid and implemented this mechanics. Moreover, in my opinion, they have implemented it successfully, interestingly and with respect to the player.

What else is Candy Crush Friends Saga made of?

Let's analyze the first 100 levels of CCFS:

1. For passing the level, from 1 to 3 stars are given. If the level is passed by 3 stars, then it becomes possible to take a screenshot of the victory screen and share it in FB.

2. Life. The player is available 5 lives.

  • For losing at the level 1 life is debited.
  • Lives are restored over time. One life is restored in 30 minutes.
  • You can ask for life from friends with FB.
  • Lives can be sent to friends with FB if ​​they made a request.
  • If lives are over, they can be bought for hard currency - bullion (or “sweets”). The purchase price of five lives is 10 bars.

3. Playing field, as usual, has a different shape and different size. Sometimes the playing field is movable (or the game camera, depends on your philosophical views), but at the same time it is one large field that does not fit entirely on the screen.

4. In case of loss You can buy 5 moves for 10 bars.
If you lose after the first purchase of an additional five moves, the game will again offer to buy the moves, but for an increased cost, and will give a booster s in addition. Each loss increases the price of additional moves.

5. Gift boxes three sizes. Small, medium, large. Accordingly, the larger the box, the greater the reward. Gift boxes can be obtained for daily entry into the game, for the completion of daily events, for completing a chapter of 20 levels, a gift box can be found at the game level.

6. Daily reward, which is given once a day for entering the game. You can get one of three gift boxes - small, medium, large.

7. Three gradations of difficulty levels. There are ordinary levels, difficult and very difficult. Complex and very complex are highlighted with a special icon on the level map.

  • The player has 3 tasks available at the same time.
  • Tasks are updated once a day, at 00:00.
  • One of the tasks can be replaced by a random one.
  • Tasks are divided into three types: easy, medium, difficult. The harder the quest, the greater the reward. Medium and difficult tasks are marked with a special icon.
  • The progress of the daily task is automatically shown in the pop-up progress bar before starting a new level or after losing a level. Also, progress is shown on the constant progress bar on the character selection screen, under the character himself, if the task is associated with the character.
  • If the task is completed, then a reward for it will be given at the end of the level at which the task was completed, regardless of whether the level was completed or lost. Due to the fact that the progress on the task is shown even if the player loses, the loss is not perceived as something bad, it is still a small victory, as progress and the approach of the reward are felt.

13. At level 27, they offer to rate the game in the shop.

14. At level 32, a piggy piggy bank becomes available. Piggy bank - one of the most popular mechanics in Macth 3 games. In fact, this is a discount on hard currency that the player earns himself.

  • The minimum ingot for opening the piggy bank is 20. The maximum is 30.
  • The piggy bank is filled with bullion after successfully passing the level. The more stars the player received for completing, the more bars will go to the piggy bank. For the first star, 1 ingot is given, for the second star 2 more ingots, for the third star 3 ingots. In total, you can get 6 bars. Before the appearance of the piggy bank, the stars had no effect on the game.
  • The opening price of a piggy bank for the Russian region is 299 rubles.
  • If you do not open the filled piggy bank for a long time, then before starting a new level they will offer to open the piggy bank.
  • If the piggy bank is filled to the maximum, then after successfully passing the level the ingots will still fly into it, but bounce off the piggy bank and fly to the side, supposedly they will not interfere. This plays the role of an irritant and puts pressure on the player, forcing him to open the piggy bank for 299 rubles.
  • The possible maximum piggy piggy bank size may vary depending on the player’s behavior or other conditions. In the YouTube summerplay, a 60-bar piggy bank was seen.

15. At level 42, a mysterious chest is found on the map. And the player is invited to play further to find out the details. Already at the 43rd level, the conditions for opening the chest are reported. You need to pick up the key from Dachs (the character on the level map) for a limited time - for the first chest it is 2 hours, for different chests the time can differ, usually 1-3 hours.

  1. If you reach the level where Dachs with the key is located, then you do not need to go through the level itself to pick up the key and open the chest.
  2. To open the first chest you need to go through 4 levels, one of which is marked on the map as difficult. For different chests you need to go through a different number of levels, usually 2-5 levels.
  3. The second chest is found at level 55, the third at 69th, etc.


16. Level 61 begin to show ads for other King games.

Game store
The section will provide an overview of the game store in two regions - Russia and Lithuania. But first, let's look at trends and game stores in others. Match 3 top income games to better understand the store CCFS.

  1. Bundles (a set of values) begin to be added to stores; earlier, most often bundles were sold as stocks. Moreover, the game series Saga were one of the first to do this. The table below shows the games in stores where you can buy bundles:

The number of items in stores is usually 6 per currency and 6 points per bundle. For example, stores of the following games have 6 points of currency and bundles each - Homescapes, Fishdom, Mystery Match, Angry Birds Match.

2. The most expensive item is removed from the store for $ 99.99 and instead of it the item is added cheaper but also with less currency, usually for $ 74.99 -79.99 $. An example of such games is Homescapes, Fishdom, Gardenscapes, Angry Birds Match.

Now back to the store CCFS. Game store in CCFS Looks like other game stores Saga games, there is also an abridged version of the store and the full one, there are items for the purchase of currency (bullion) and bundles. The number of items in the store also does not differ from the global trend. In the full version of the store, this is 6 points for the purchase of currency and 6 bundles. In the shortened version of the store (Russian region) in the first place is the cheapest bundle for 229 rub. and three points for the purchase of currency for 229 rub., 599 rub., 1750r. The difference from other Saga games stores is the price of the store items. The cheapest pack of bullion costs 229 rub., and the most expensive 11 490 rub. For comparison - in the classic Candy crush cheapest pack of currency costs $ 149.and the most expensive 5 990 rub. The cheapest bundle in CCFS costs 229 rub., and the most expensive one 14 990 rub. For comparison - in the classic Candy crush the cheapest bundle costs $ 149.and the most expensive 7 490 r.

As it was written above, it is interesting that in CCFS there are no boosters that can be activated before the start of the game level, but there are boosters that are active for a certain time.

On the official site CCFS in the Guids section, it is indicated that there is another booster - Color Bomb. This is a booster that creates a colored bomb on the playing field. But in the game, at the first 100 levels, I did not find this booster. He is not in the store either. Therefore, either this booster will be available later, or it was removed from the game as a booster that negatively affected game metrics, and the description of this booster was simply forgotten to be removed from the official site.

As in others Match 3 games, special candy can be combined with each other to enhance the effect.

Graph for entering new game elements
Blocker - an element on the playing field that blocks the cell. To “break” the blocker, you need to remove candy next to the blocker. Blockers have different "strength". To clean the “weak” blocker, just remove the candy next to it once. And for cleaning “durable” blockers, it is necessary to remove sweets 2 or more times. Consider the mechanics and blockers from the first 101st level of the main gameplay:

For a more complete picture of how fast the player is given new game elements, we add mechanics to the graph that are not related to the main game process CCFS. Namely: daily tasks, piggy-piggy bank, mysterious chest and other elements, which are discussed in the section “What else consists of Candy Crush Friends Saga»?

Difficulty curve for the first 100 levels
Consider the "complexity curve" of the first 100 game levels. We will build on two parameters:

  1. Loss Rate, which is calculated by the formula - LR% = loss / attempts.
  2. The number of attempts to win.

I warn you! In no case do you need to take this complexity curve as a reference and an absolutely accurate indicator. For each player, the values ​​will differ from the values ​​given in this example. The complexity curve in this section serves as exemplary a guideline on the dynamics of complexity growth and as an approximate guideline for identifying patterns. All levels were completed without the use of boosters.

The first chart is the Loss Rate. The red line is the trend line:

The second graph is the number of attempts to win:

The third graph is the number of attempts to win at difficult levels:

Despite the fact that these indicators are approximate, the following patterns are clearly visible:

  1. The first 25 levels are practically a win-win. Losing at these levels is rare. From the 26th to the 60th level, losing levels begin to occur, but the number of losses most often is no more than two.
  2. From the 60th level, the rollercoaster or swing begins. There are both win-win levels and levels where the number of attempts to win reaches 8-9. The first peak is observed from the 63rd to the 76th level. Further from the 77th to the 85th level there is a decline in complexity, and from the 85th to the 100th level, growth again.
  3. Levels that are marked as “difficult” do not always have a high Loss Rate. Especially the first 10 difficult levels. With the exception of level 44, all difficult levels were completed mainly in 2 attempts.

What is missing from the game?
Games King, особенно те, которые прошли этап soft launch и дожили до мирового релиза, близки к идеалу и являются примером для остальных разработчиков. Поэтому сложно к чему-либо придраться, но если всё-таки придираться, то можно выделить следующие спорные элементы игры, или, наоборот, отсутствие некоторых игровых систем/механик.

  1. Карта уровней. Игровая индустрия растёт, развивается и меняется, но кое-что остаётся неизменным — это карта уровней King игр. Toon Blast и игры Playrix показали, что карта уровней совсем необязательный элемент игры. Хочется видеть развитие игр, и жанра Match 3 в частности, а не карту уровней в каждой игре.
  2. Очень сильно не хватает возможности пропустить анимацию победы в конце уровня. Заставлять игрока видеть одну и ту же анимацию сотни раз — это зло. Some games in which there is such an opportunity - Fishdom, Candy Crush Saga, Gardenscapes.
  3. Locked playing field. The playing field is blocked until all the candy matching animations are complete. The player cannot make the next move until he waits for the animation to finish. This can upset the player from the flow state. It can also cause a feeling of anxiety if the player sees a potentially good move, but cannot make it until the animation is finished. Because, while he is waiting for the end of the animation, the state of the playing field may change, and it will be impossible to make a potentially good move.
  4. The game does not have a system of offers and discounts. This is potentially a system that can significantly improve monetization. Most likely, King save this innovation for later and add offers and discounts in future updates.
    • The game also does not have a “starter pack”, that is, offers> I buy a player a set of values ​​for a low price, usually with a huge discount. This is done in order to determine at an early stage whether the player is a donor or not. Perhaps King has a better tool for determining the paying status of the player, so they do not use the starter pack. Or King Add starter pack along with the offer system in the future.
  5. There are no temporary events in the game on an ongoing basis - the potential to significantly improve monetization. Same classic Candy crush falls asleep to the player with events, several events at a time, while showing amazing monetization metrics. Just like with the offer system, I think King They will introduce permanent temporary events later, because now they have added a thematic event to Halloween (the first time the event was noticed on 10/30/2018), although it looks very simple and even unfinished. For example, on the main level map there is not the slightest mention of the event, there is not even an icon with a timer.