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How to burn a disc for the car radio so that then there are no problems


It’s not so often that people are interested in how to burn music to a CD for a radio in a car, how to burn a music disc in mp3 format, since practically no one uses CDs. Car radios in cars have long ceased to be equipped with drives for optical disks, and pocket-sized audio players come with their own built-in flash memory, which significantly exceeds the volume of optical disks. But especially for users of the site, who still have old audio systems, we will consider various options for recording audio disks and programs for recording music.

How to burn music to a radio CD in a car?

When recording a disc for a radio in a car, you need to consider many parameters. You need to know what file formats the radio plays and what file system of the disk it supports. All this should be written in the instructions.

For very old tape recorders, only the disk file system is suitable Cdfsalso called ISO 9660. Now, by default, all disc burning programs use the new file system. UDF, and if you need an old system, you have to look for a suitable program.

Playback file formats can also vary greatly. The most common playable audio file formats for radio are CDA, MP3 and WAV. Even the oldest radio tape recorders can play the CDA format, since codecs are not required to play it. In this format, up to 80 minutes of music will fit on a regular CD-R disc. In WAV format, a disc will also fit no more than 80 minutes, but in mp3 format, a lot of files can be written to a disc, the total playback time of which will be calculated in hours.

You can record music to a disc in a car without installing special programs; this can be done through Windows Explorer or through Windows Media Player. When recording through the conductor, simply install a blank disc in the drive, open it through the conductor, and drag and drop files in WAV or MP3 format into it. Then click on the menu "Burn to CD".

Next, when choosing a format, specify the option Burn Audio CD.

Following the following instructions, burning a disc will not be difficult, but you need to consider that it will be recorded in the latest versions of the Windows operating system in the format of the UDF file system, which is not accepted by the oldest recorders.

Windows Media Player has almost the same settings as Windows Explorer. To burn an audio CD through Windows Media Player, you need to start it, go to the tab "Record" and drag and drop audio files from the library or explorer there. For additional settings, go to "Recording Options" and choose "Advanced recording options"where you can install a few more checkmarks. After all the settings, just click "Start recording".

In this method, as in the previous one, there is one problem, the disc will be written with the UDF file system format, which the old radio tape recorders do not understand.

How to burn music to a disk in mp3 format?

To record mp3 music onto a disc, simply insert a blank CD and drag and drop the prepared MP3 files into Explorer. If autorun is configured in the explorer, then after installing the disk in the drive, we will see a window in which you should select "Write files to disk using Explorer".

In the window that appears, you need to select the use mode of the recordable disc. Choose an option “Like a USB flash drive” should only be used with a rewritable CD-RW or DVD-RW.

The next window will be the explorer, in which the installed disk will open in case of autostart configured. If autorun is not configured, you need to open the disk manually by simply selecting it in Explorer. To record mp3 files, you need to drag them to disk.

To start recording, select the menu item "Burn to a CD". Two recording options will be offered, from which we need to choose "Burn data disc".

You can also record an mp3 disc using any disc burning program, since an mp3 disc is a regular data disc on which mp3 files were recorded. For an example of recording such a disc, we will use the free program CDBurnerXP. Run it and select in the menu "Data disc".

After adding mp3 files to the program, she will suggest changing the file system of the disk to a more suitable one for MP3 disks. To start burning a disc, click "Record".

Program for recording music to disk in mp3 and audio format?

Programs for recording music to disk, there are a huge number. Some of them are intended only for recording music audio CDs, others are universal, and will cope with the recording of any information on optical media.

Among the most common programs, the following can be distinguished: CDBurnerXP, BurnAware Free, Nero Free, Ashampoo Burning Studio Free, DeepBurner Free, BurnAware Free, ImgBurn and many others.

Recording format

In order to avoid any overlays when playing the recorded “blank” by the radio, we need to find out in what format to record a disk for the car radio. This information contains the user manual attached to the device, in which all formats read by the car radio are registered.
The most common and common are the formats CDA, WAV, MP3. CDA is the usual format for music CDs and is read by all, without exception, CD drives.
The following two formats require certain reproducing decoders in the car radio to play.. In addition, the WMA format (unlike MP3, which saves an audio file by its “weight”) records a song by its current time, that is, it is possible to save only 80 minutes of recording on a standard CD “disc” in WMA format.
This information should also be taken into account if you are going to record music on a USB flash drive for the car radio.

First criterion

All CD blanks fall into two categories: CD and DVD. Some users believe that only video files can be placed on DVDs, this is an incorrect statement, music files as well as other kinds of information (photos, pictures, texts, etc.) can be recorded on it with the same success.
It's all about the capacity of the disk, only 800 megabytes of information can fit on a “blank” of the CD format, and up to 8.5 gigabytes of data can be placed on a DVD disc (see the following photo for a comparison of information units).

Information Units

At the same time, you must make sure in advance that your car radio can play CDs of DVD format, well, and CDs are read by all players without exception. On sale, you can sometimes find mini discs, which are also subdivided into a CD format with a capacity of 210 megabytes and a DVD format containing 1.4 gigabytes.

How to record your own MP3 disc for car radio

Second criterion

The next criterion is the possibility of multiple rewriting of the CD, their labeling tells us about this:

  • CD-R and DVD-R discs can be burned only once,
  • CD-RW and DVD-RW allow you to overwrite any type of information on yourself up to fifty times.

Third criterion

One of the important indicators of disk properties is also its write speed. It must be assumed that a higher speed will be preferable for us, however, at the same time, we should not forget that the maximum speed of "burning" the writing drive, depending on the format of the disk, can be different.
So, the CD-R recording speed is considered to be 52x (i.e. 7600 Kb / s), CD-RW is from 4x to 32x, DVD-R is recorded at a speed of 2x to 16x, and DVD-RW is from 2x to 8x.

Fourth criterion

Among other things, you should pay attention to the way of packing CDs. Naturally, preference should be given to disks packed in an individual box, since the placement of several disks on one tube does not contribute to their durability.
You should also pay attention to the markings on the front side of the CD:

  • “Printable” means that on the outside of the disk, it is possible to print the image with a printer,
  • “Lightscribe” also allows printing of images on the front side, but already in the drive itself,
  • “Hardcoated” means that a special protective coating is applied to the recordable surface of this disc, allowing it to extend its life tenfold.

Burn disc

In addition to the above information, one should take into account the fact that at present there are places to be “old” and “new” file systems of CDs. And if the "old" file system (ISO 9660, also known as CDFS) for the vast majority of MP3 players is familiar and extremely understandable, then the "new", more "advanced" UDF file system for the same majority of car radios is an unreadable recording format.
This situation is complicated by the fact that most of the programs for burning CDs (especially new ones) by default write them to a new type of file system - UDF, which for some car owners is an unpleasant surprise.
Fortunately, there are a myriad of programs for “burning” and ways to burn a disc, which avoids this embarrassment. It is only necessary during recording to carefully consider the choice of the file system of the CD or, in extreme cases, reformat the music files in the converter.

Instructions "In what format to burn a disc for car radio"

So, to burn a CD, first you need to download and install the necessary software on your computer, for example, such as: Ashampoo Burning Studio, Astonsoft DeepBurner, CDBurnerXP, Free Easy CD DVD Burner, Nero, Small CD-Writer, and many others. other
By and large, the algorithm for recording a CD in all programs is the same and intuitive:

  • In the main window of the program we launched, we are offered several choices at once. We select a graph similar in meaning to “Create an Audio CD”, “Create an MP3 disc”, for example:

How to burn a cd disc for car radio

  • In the next window, add the prepared audio files or selected folders using the "Add" key or simply dragging the desired file with the mouse into the program window.

At the same time, at the bottom of the window there may be a scale by which it is possible to visually determine how much of the total number of added files took and how much disk space is still left:

How to record music to a USB flash drive for car radio

  • If you still have enough disk space, add a few more files if you wish. In case of exceeding the established limit for the volume of recorded information, it is necessary to delete the extra files, for which we select the file and press the "Delete" key:

How to record your own music on a disk for a car radio

  • Next, in the program, select your CD / DVD burner (you can verify the name of the drive by looking at my computer in the menu):

How to record mp3 disc for car radio

  • If you want, give the recordable disc a name,
  • If there are additional settings, we select the recording speed (in order to exclude errors during recording, it is not recommended to choose a speed of more than 8x),
  • To check the recorded disc for errors, put a tick in the corresponding column,
  • If you have the option “Copy all data to an image on the computer’s hard disk”, the image files will first be copied to the hard disk, and only then will they be written to the drive. In this case, the recording process slows down noticeably, but the probability of an error in the recorded information is reduced to almost zero,
  • By allowing the program to create a multisession disc, you have the opportunity to add information to the disc without erasing previously recorded information. But as practice shows, when using this option, there is a high probability of disk failure:

How to record music for car radio

  • Next, press the "Burn Disc" or "Start Burning" key, after which the actual recording process will begin, which you can follow on the operation progress bar.

Recording music to a USB flash drive

Due to the fact that many models of car radios, in addition to a CD / DVD drive, are equipped with a slot for a flash drive, in this instruction on how to burn a cd disk for a car radio, you must mention how to record music on a USB flash drive for a car radio.
This operation can be performed without the help of any software. In order for the files we need to be on the flash drive, we just need to select them, cut them out (or if we do not want to lose them from the computer), then copy them to the appropriate removable storage medium.
When performing these operations, the mouse cursor must be placed on the files we need, or all actions can be performed using the corresponding menu keys (see photo).

Instructions "record music on a USB flash drive for the car radio video"

Next, find the removable disk, right-click on it and insert the files:

How to record music on a flash drive for your car radio do-it-yourself

Advice! The following standard command operators greatly facilitate the work with files:

You can also record music to a USB flash drive for car radio using file managers, such as “Total Commander”.

How to record music to a USB flash drive for car radio using the file manager

Using the example of a photo, you can understand that in the left column of the main window of the program are the files prepared for recording, and in the right is the place where we want to transfer them. The copying process is activated by simply dragging and dropping the necessary files into the removable disk icon, as well as using the “F-row” hot keys located at the bottom of the manager’s main window.
This is the instruction on how to record music to disk and a USB flash drive for car radio is finished, enjoy your listening!

Recording Formats

For burning, various formats are used. The most common is MP3. Having recorded music on a CD in this format, the user can get up to 7 albums (approximately 100 songs, depending on the playback length) with good sound quality. The bitrate will be equal to 320 kb / s.

When recording MP3 with a bit rate of 256, 192 or 128 kb / s on an optical medium, much more tracks fit.

In addition to MP3, there are many other formats. They differ from the previous one in that the track recorded in one of them sounds much better. However, quality difference It will be noticeable only when listening to expensive Hi-Fi equipment. On a CD recorded in this format fits only one album.

Recording formats and approximate number of songs:

NameNumber of tracks on CD
MP3100 — 250
Wav12 — 25
Audio cd12-15
Flac10 — 15

Important! The quantity depends on three criteria:

  • quality burning
  • play length tracks
  • record on a CD or DVD.

When recording to DVD, songs will fit much more than indicated in the table.

Recording discs

The following discs are used to record music:

  • CDR/Rw. The capacity is 700 MB. These two types differ only in that on CD-RW you can re-record music several times. On CD-R, the user can record only once.
  • DVDR,DVDRw. Capacity - 4.5 GB, 8.5 GB. DVD RW, unlike -R, supports burning several times.

You can record on them any information from music to movies.

Standard System Tools

You can record music from a computer to disk using the usual Windows tools. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Embed optical drive in the drive.
  2. Click on it in Windows Explorer.
  3. A menu opens, where the system asks how the disk will be used, how USBstorage device or with player. You must select the first option and click on the button "Further". Then the user will be able to add files.
  4. Transfer tracks to the window that opens from the folder in which they are located.
  5. The transparency of the files means that they have not yet been recorded. You need to select them and right-click (RMB). In the menu that opens, click on the item “Burn to disk».
  6. Now you can name the device and indicate the speed at which the burning procedure will be conducted. Lower speed, all the better. Burn tracks will be stored longer and will not wear out over time.
  7. Press the button “Further».
  8. Recording time appears on the screen. It only remains to wait.
  9. After the procedure is completed, click the button "Done».

Burning will be completed.

Windows media

You can record songs or music on a regular built-in Windows Media Player:

  1. Press the button “Start". In the pop-up menu, select Windows Media Player.
  2. Find tab “Record»In the upper right corner of the player window next to playback.
  3. Now need drag and drop files with music to the list with data that opened under the “Record».
  4. Go to "Additional options»And set your own settings for burning.

You can record mp3 music to a disc from a computer using the MakeCD utility. Using it you can record music files only. Now you need to do the following:

  1. Copy tracks to MP3 in a special folder. Put the exe file with the program there.
  2. Run the copied file. Utility will scan tracks in the directory and will open them already for burning.
  3. Click "Further».
  4. In the window that appears, set speed, choose drive unit, which will be burned, and click on "Burn».

It remains to wait for the end of burning.

Burnware free

To work with the BurnAware Free utility:

  1. Download, install and run the program.
  2. Find item MP3 discgo into it.
  3. Select driveon which the user will record tracks.
  4. Copy the necessary files into the open window.
  5. Click on red mug.

Подождать окончания записи.

Attention! Если пользователь хочет записать МР3 треки на DVD диск, следует нажать на «Диск с данными».


CDBurnerXP поможет при записи музыки на CD диск. Благодаря этой утилите можно копировать диски не только в ХР, но и на Windows 7, 8 и 10:

  1. Скачать, установить и запустить утилиту.
  2. In the window that appears, select "Data disc».
  3. Drag and drop files to the place where the program will require.
  4. Click on the icon with green tick or by button "Write down».
  5. Burning starts. It remains to wait for it to finish and remove the media with music from the drive.

Astroburn Lite

In this utility, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Download and to establishAstroburn Lite.
  2. Open utility.
  3. Click on the "Add Files»And drag the desired tracks into the window that opens. In addition to general drag and drop, you can create additional folders and put tracks in them.
  4. The program also allows rename files, as the user needs or delete them.
  5. After the preparation process is completed, the user presses the button to start the burning process and waits for the end.

A utility that allows you to not only copy music to disk. It helps the user to make covers for boxes, burn a picture of a recorded album on discs, edit video files, copy Blue-ray discs.

You can chop mp3 into Nero as follows:

  1. Open Nero Express.
  2. ChooseDVD with data or DataCD.
  3. In the panel that appears on the screen drag and drop files.
  4. Click "Further».
  5. Choose mediathat will be copied. Select a burn speed. And click on the button "Record».

Ashampoo burning rom

To properly drop the music to disk, you need to download and install Ashampoo Burning Rom, then:

  1. Open utility.
  2. In the left part of the window, click on "Recording files". In the right - on "Create newCDwith data».
  3. In the window that opens, click on the “Add". Select the necessary files in the dialog box and click on "Add", Then press the"Complete».
  4. Tracks will fall into the burn window. The user will see how much space will be occupied on the disk and whether to add files. Then click on “Further».
  5. It remains only to click on Record button and the burning process will begin.

Windows standard tool

You can burn a regular Audio CD with a standard utility that is built into the Windows operating system:

  1. Insert optical carrier to drive and click on it in the explorer.
  2. In the window that opens, select "With playerCD/DVD».
  3. In a special field drag all the files you need.
  4. Highlight them click RMB. In the pop-up menu, click "Burn to disk».
  5. In the dialog box indicate speed and spell the name of the CD.
  6. Click "Further". A window will appear on the screen in which you need to indicate that it is necessary to burn the audio CD exactly for ordinary players.
  7. A media player will open where you need to click on the "Start recording».

Using the utility, you can make a simple Audio CD:

  1. Install and openBurnAware.
  2. Choose Audio CD tab.
  3. In the window that opens, click on the “Add". Select and drag music tracks. Then click on the “Record».

In Nero, the procedure is as follows:

  1. InstallNero
  2. Open Nero Burning Rom.
  3. Select Audio CD and click “New».
  4. Two panels will appear on the screen. Select and drag tracks from the right to the left.
  5. Select the speed and recording method and click on the “Burn».