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Instructions for booting the Mac OS in special modes such as safe or external drive mode


Mode Firewire target disk allows you to use a FireWire-compatible Mac (target computer) as an external hard drive connected to another computer (host computer). This way you can easily and quickly copy bulky documents between two machines.

Important! The computer will not be able to switch to FireWire Target Disk mode if protection is enabled Open firmware password.

Host Computer Requirements:
- free FireWire port (built-in or on a PC card)
- FireWire 2.3.3 and higher
- Mac OS 8.6 and higher.

Target computers can be the following Macintosh models:
iMac (slot loading) with firmware version 2.4 and higher
iMac (released no earlier than the summer of 2000)
eMac (all models)

Power Mac G4 (AGP Graphics) with ATA Drive
Power Mac G4 Cube
Power Mac G4 (Gigabit Ethernet and all models presented no earlier than the summer of 2000)
Power Mac G5

iBook (FireWire and all other models released after September 2000)

PowerBook G3 (FireWire)
PowerBook G4 (all models)

Software prerequisite:

You can find the latest firmware and FireWire on the Apple Software Updates website.

How to use FireWire Target Disk mode

Important! Before connecting computers using this mode, turn off all FireWire devices connected to both machines. Do not connect them until you unplug the Macs from each other or turn off the mode.

1. Make sure the target computer is turned off. If you use a PowerBook or iBook as such a computer, make sure that the power supply is connected to it.

2. Using a FireWire cable (6 pin), connect the computers. You can leave the host computer off before this procedure.

3. Holding the key T (Eng.), turn on the target computer. Hold the key until the image of the FireWire icon appears on the monitor screen. After that, the target computer’s hard drive appears on the host computer’s desktop.

4. After finishing work, transfer the target computer’s hard drive icon to Trash or use the Put Away commands from the File menu (Mac OS 9) or Eject from the File menu (Mac OS X).

5. Turn off the target computer.

6. Disconnect the FireWire cable.

If the target computer’s hard drive does not appear on the host’s desktop, check the FireWire connection and restart the host computer.

Note. This mode only works with ATA internal hard drives. It is able to connect only to the primary (master) ATA drive located on the Ultra ATA bus. FireWire Target Disk will not connect to ATA, ATAPI, or SCSI Slave drives.

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Boot disk selection

If you need to boot from an external drive or flash drive, or several operating systems are installed on your computer and you want to boot into one of them, then you need to hold down the ptionOption (Alt) key when loading on the keyboard, after which a menu appears with a selection of the drive.

Target Disk Booting

If your Mac cannot boot up due to some problems, you can use it in external drive mode by connecting to another computer with OS X installed using FireWire or Thunderbolt. After which you will get full access to his hard drive and will be able to transfer any information from it. To load the Mac in Target Disk mode, use the T key

Downloading in Safe Mode

This download method, compared to the Apple Hardware Test, makes it possible to find problems directly in the software part of the system. In this mode, only the basic functions of the system that are necessary for its operation are loaded, the rest of the download objects are disabled. To boot the computer in Safe Mode, press and hold the ⇧Shift key until the screen with the boot indicator appears.

Download with Service Information Display (Verbose Mode)

Using this method, you will be able to observe the download process with the display of service messages on the Mac screen. This mode is good in that if any error occurs during normal boot, you can determine at what stage it appears. You can boot in this mode using the key combination ⌘Cmd + V

Boot with command line support (Single User)

This mode, like Verbose Mode, is also designed to identify and troubleshoot problems, only when loading in Single User mode after displaying all service messages, you will have to work with the command line. Therefore, this method is intended only for experienced users and to use it you need to hold down the сочетаниеCmd + S key combination at boot time

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