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How to paint your face on Halloween


Halloween makeup - kitty

In everyday life, girls are accustomed to using only decorative cosmetics to emphasize their advantages and hide flaws. Men rarely resort to even makeup cosmetics. But on Halloween night, everything changes: any improvised means that help You can change the appearance beyond recognition.

What is used for Halloween makeup:

  • the whole range of decorative cosmetics,
  • toilet paper or napkins,
  • PVA glue,
  • makeup paints that actors use
  • pastel,
  • watercolor paints,
  • food colorings,
  • gelatin,
  • brushes
  • false eyelashes, teeth, eyebrows, etc.,
  • artificial blood and much more.

Almost suitable for makeup any improvised means. Just try to avoid potent toxic substances and products that can stain your skin (for example, brilliant green, henna, basma). Otherwise, you will have to wash off your makeup for several days.

Many girls are worried if such a “heavy” makeup will harm the skin. Nothing terrible will happen to you in one night. The main thing is to thoroughly wash away all the makeupand then treat the skin with a tonic and apply cream. It is advisable for people with sensitive and thin skin to take a weekly course before and after the holiday using nutritious masks.

The most popular Halloween makeup options

The most beautiful and unusual make-up for Halloween is done by professional make-up artists, but even at home, it’s easy to master some simple techniques.

Remember! It’s better to make a simple and neat make-up for a holiday than try to repeat complex techniques using professional tools. For lack of experience you will get nothing but disappointment.

World Villains: The Joker and Harley Quinn

This option Looks great in pairs. If you are going to a holiday with your soul mate, then this is one of the best options for you, besides creating such images will not be difficult.

Consider the option for a girl.

  1. If you have naturally blond hair, buy special crayons. Tie the curls in two ponytails and color, like a heroine. Dark-haired girls are better off buying an inexpensive wig.
  2. For the tone, use the lightest foundation and powder - "ivory" is ideal.
  3. We also make contouring the brightest concealer.
  4. We paint lips with cherry lipstick, on the one hand we shade it a bit, going into the skin. Use a pencil to add clarity.
  5. Draw eyebrows with a dark pencil with an ash tint.
  6. We apply shadows on the eyes, which we also extinguish on the lower eyelid and go a little on the cheekbones. Create an image of flowing makeup. We colorize the hair: one eye is raspberry, the other is blue. If you used crayons for hair, then they can also imitate shadows, just apply the base first.
  7. Circle the eyes with a pencil or eyeliner and immediately draw a small black heart. This is most conveniently done with an eyeliner-felt-tip pen with a very thin tip. Do not forget to make the inscription Rotten.
  8. Apply mascara to the eyelashes or glue the false ones.

The option for the guy is as follows.

  1. Wash with a product designed for oily skin. Apply a special white make-up on the entire face. Can use light light cream foundation, which you need to blend well with a brush. Apply matting powder on top - it can be replaced with talcum powder.
  2. With a black pencil, boldly trace the contour of the eyes, and then shade well.
  3. Draw black shadows on a thin brush and draw 2 strips along the nose, creating a faint shadow.
  4. Scars can be formedif you mix black pencil and dark scarlet lipstick. Make up her lips, too.
  5. Remember to draw the letter “J” under the left eye.

Makeup for girls "Fairy Fairy"

If you do not want to make a terrible make-up for your face for the holiday of Halloween, then the described options will appeal to you. Light, delicate and incredibly beautiful makeup for the holiday can be done by girls at home, most importantly, to show imagination. Focus on eye makeup and an unusual hairstyle. That's what real fairies look like.

Bright shadows drawn by eyeliner curls, flowers around the eyes - all this can be used to do fairy makeup. Shiny shades or special mica, sparkles and rhinestones will fit perfectly.

The foundation, concealer and powder is best chosen to match the skin. The emphasis is only on the eyes, we do the rest in natural and discreet shades.

Remember! Bright eye makeup does not harmonize with saturated color lipstick. Lips can be whitened with foundation or use a translucent shine.

To make the image complete, use flowers in your hair in tone with eye shadow. A dress is better to choose light and airy.

Show your dark side: Witch makeup

In this makeup dark shades prevail: black, purple, burgundy, gray, graphite. Great for girls with dark hair color. Can insert unusual color lensesto create a more realistic look. In children's fairy tales, witches are often painted green, for which only professional makeup paints are suitable. Remember to purchase a pointed hat and a broom.

Like fairy makeup, here too focus on the eyes. If you are not strong in eye makeup, then the usual smokey ice will do, just remember to draw a spider web on your forehead. In the “Witch” make-up, it is simply necessary to highlight the lips. Black, dark red, purple - lipsticks look best in this image.

Makeup option "Witch"

How to do Halloween makeup at home

Not everyone has the talent to do unusual and complex makeup on their own. Usually this is taught for several months in special courses. But every girl is capable of making light makeup for Halloween at home.

To get started, look at the photos and videos on the Internet, try to repeat this. Dont be upset: sometimes you need to do makeup 5-6 timesso that something happens. Prepare for the holiday in advance.

  • First, choose cosmetics and other products that you may need for makeup. Do not try to jump from one to another - think over the image in advance. It’s easier to define the color scheme.
  • The simplest makeup for girls on Halloween, which can be repeated at home, is the "kitty".
  • Buy a hoop with ears, think over a dark version of clothes. In addition, you can purchase a ponytail and sew it on jeans or a dress.
  • Look at the cat: it has amazing eyes with a large vertical pupil. In any optics you can easily find lenses that look like cat's eyes.
  • Draw a black pencil around the contour of the eye, while drawing arrows both to the nose and to the outer corner of the eye.
  • With dark shadows - for example, black - we paint over the moving eyelid.
  • On the area under the eyebrow, apply a few silver shades and blend well, creating a soft and smooth transition.
  • Thickly colored eyelashes black ink.
  • We also make eyebrows in black. In form, there are 2 options - a house and a semicircle. Here you are guided by the shape of the face.
  • For a skin tone, use a natural concealer. On the cheekbones, you can apply a dark bronzer with small sparkles, but in small quantities.
  • Paint the upper lip with a black pencil. On the nose, draw a black circle and draw a vertical line to the lip. We form a cat "smile".
  • We put small dots on the cheeks and draw antennae.

Do not try to make up on Halloween night, especially if you have never done makeup before. In 2-3 days, begin to train and fill your hand to quickly and beautifully transform your face on the day of the holiday.

Face preparation

Makeup for a man, woman or child should always be applied only to a previously prepared face. Otherwise, you risk spoiling the skin or even get chemical burns. It is necessary to degrease the upper layers of the skin well, wash with ordinary soap, and then use any tonic on alcohol. Then apply a thin layer of cream or foundation under makeup, this will protect the face from the harmful and drying effects of cosmetics.

Gothic makeup

Classical makeup in the Gothic style is suitable for the image of a witch, demoness, mistress of shadows or a black widow. Such a face painting on Halloween does not take much time and does not require special skills.

    First, you need to whiten the skin with light powder, theatrical makeup or white eyeshadow. You can use watercolor paints or gouache, but then the result will not be so realistic. Whitening can be done on your own, for this you need to mix a greasy cream with white clay or loose dye and apply to the skin with a wide brush.

“Resuscitation” of favorite things, or Paint for leather products

Unfortunately, leather things (shoes, bags, jackets) lose their original appearance over time. Their color fades noticeably, scuffs appear. It turns out that they can be restored.

Paint for leather products will help you “rejuvenate” your favorite thing and restore its former attractiveness and brightness. Paint in a completely new shade is not worth it, such experiments can lead to undesirable consequences. Better to choose "native" shades.

Leather products are dyed only after thorough cleaning. All grease stains, dust and dirt must be removed. To do this, use a warm soapy solution. Wipe each crease thoroughly. Then, wetting the sponge in clean water, remove all the soap from the skin. Drying is not recommended in the open sun or near the battery, since leather things do not tolerate quick drying, become less elastic and rough. When all the moisture has evaporated and no water droplets remain even in the seams, you will need paint for leather products to begin the next step - dyeing.

The product is spread on a hard surface and gently (using a sponge) rub the paint in a circular motion. It must be remembered that the layer should be quite thin. It is advisable to paint individual parts, treating a small surface at a time.

The paint for a leather jacket is selected very carefully so that the result will please you for a long time. Aerosols are best avoided. By negligence, you can also paint other objects in the house, since it is necessary to spray such a dye from a distance of 30 cm. Its use requires special care. The best option is a special water-based liquid paint. It is easy to use, it dries quickly and does not have a strong odor.

The modern market offers a large selection of special products for skin restoration. Paint for leather products "Sapphire" combines, for example, liquid skin and a coloring substance, which allows you to restore a smooth surface in worn places, has a deep coloring ability.

Tarrago and Morrelo products are also popular.

Paint for leather products can be of vegetable origin. Decoction of the bark of oak or apple tree, walnut shells give the skin a variety of brown shades. A decoction of buckthorn bark, celandine leaves gives redness. You can dye your skin with a decoction of onion peels, if you need a golden tone. Of course, before staining it is better to carry out the procedure on a small piece of skin. If you like the color, you can paint the entire product. Just do not forget that when dried, the color may become lighter, so take your time and wait for the control piece to dry completely. Color saturation can be achieved by adding more dark tones to the dye, and light shades can be achieved by diluting the coloring broth with water. You can also experiment with the same type of dyes, mixing them in different proportions. If you do not dare to carry out the staining procedure at home, then contact a dry cleaner.

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A new life of spoiled things, or how to remove paint stains from clothes

The holiday was in full swing.

Skeleton image

It’s very difficult to make such an unusual make-up on your face on Halloween, but the result is worth the effort and time.

  • First you need to draw the contours of the main bones of the skull. Places where the bones are supposed to be are painted over in white, voids are highlighted in black. The main elements of the drawing are the eyes, nose, cheekbones and jaw. If your suit does not cover the neck and décolleté area, you need to draw the cervical spine and upper chest.
  • Painting begins with “voids”, for this use black and dark gray shadows. The intensity of the hue should decrease from the center to the edges.
  • Paint the rest of the face with white. Mask your lips completely. Using silver and light gray shadows, select the cheekbones and temporal lobes.
  • The final touches. The lines of teeth and protruding bones need to be made very sharp and clear, for this you will need a liquid eyeliner or pencil.

Tip 1: How to color your skin

The new dress perfectly emphasized the figure. Need a breath of fresh air before the final competition.

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Littleone 2009-2012> Boltology> Everything Else> Have you ever had to restore your shoes yourself?

View Full Version: Have you ever had to restore your shoes yourself?

I bought on sale from us on LV in OZ shoes of beige color, BEAUTIFUL - leather. I left the office for 2 days and I was horrified, I looked, and on one of the shoes the paint began to fall off, and under it orange skin, I rummaged information on the Internet on LIQUID SKIN, well, I think I will pick up the color and take it to the workshop, and our workshops except black and brown do not restore anything (their flaws are not visible)

That's what I found on painting and restoration myself

there are boots, it seems (at the moment I don’t have it on my hands, I can’t feel the material) from patent leather (and maybe not patent leather), but they are black, but we need burgundy, and I can’t find the right color at all. about.
in fact, is it possible to somehow paint this thing in the right color and which paint do you recommend using?

-Automotive aerosol. such spray cans.
I advise because she painted.
comes in different colors, and, optionally, matte or glossy.
You can still acrylic, but dreary.

- You can buy paint for shoes and dye it.
But note - the varnish is painted poorly.

-Well, I painted the burgundy boots with varnish - in white. I dyed it with shoe paint - as a result, the boots remained lacquered, they dyed well, the paint lay down well and did not crumble. But the paint costs 400 rubles per bottle.

- car spray - from 100 rubles per spray can, acrylic - where it is.

- Tell me please, how is this paint called?

-paint called Tenax

-автомобильная краска трескаеться и облупаеться, можно конечно на один денек покрасить, но дольше теряет "товарный" вид. Уж лучше спец каска для обуви, есть еще трудоемкий вариант обклеить и прошить сапоги подходящим кож замом или лаке, но наверно в этом случае не самый лучший вариант.

-I advertise to everyone "universal alkyd enamel" (paint in cylinders, sold on the market), it lays well and holds tight (flied only from the fabric). Maybe it makes sense to first process the shoes with sandpaper to make the surface rough

-can mix acrylic with pva. but such a composition also does not hold on everything ..

- aerosol paints in this case the most suitable option (the same acrylic in spray cans).
for completeness of effect, varnish (again spray) -it is glossy, there is a matte finish.
and yes, be sure to degrease the surface before painting

-About the paint. There is such a paint Tenax - sold in shoe stores for dermantine. Here she takes it all.
True, it costs 400 p. bottle.

- Shoes must first be treated with technical acetone (so the gloss is removed which prevents the paint from grasping well with the surface) after drying, it can be painted.

The necessary materials to create white makeup

White makeup is the foundation for modeling simple and complex images. Using white theatrical makeup, you can qualitatively draw the following characters: mime, skeleton, mask, etc.

To create high-quality makeup, you will need the following tools:

  • the actual white theatrical makeup or powder,
  • a set of brushes for cosmetics,
  • cotton pads, sponges, as well as wipes,
  • you will need makeup removers. If professional makeup is used, then you should prepare a baby cream or petroleum jelly.

Do it yourself step by step white makeup

The correct application of the makeup largely determines how well the overall image will look. White color is the basis, so it should lie evenly and neatly, so as not to spoil the drawing on the face, applied over it. So, no matter what makeup is used - professional, or made with your own hands - you need to prepare your face. You can remove excess fat by simply washing it with a mild soap for the face, or using cleansing milk. It is better to grease the skin with a moisturizer or apply a foundation under makeup. Dry make-up is applied with a slightly damp sponge, liquid - with a dry sponge.

The first step is to coat the entire desired surface with a thin first layer. Then you can apply a few more layers, depending on the effect that you want to achieve. Of great importance in the process is a thorough shading of the borders. When creating makeup on the face of a child, you should not create a dense foundation, so as not to overload delicate and sensitive skin.

Depending on what image you need to create, and the further process depends. To make the face more realistic, even on a white foundation, it is recommended to apply darkening areas in the area of ​​the natural curves of the face - this helps to “revive” the look, but this is not always necessary.

Make-up must be removed using makeup remover. You can also get rid of home-made options without adding fat through regular washing with warm water. After removal, you must take care of the skin - apply a soothing mask, moisturize with cream.

How to recolor leather shoes

I managed to achieve the best result when it was painted not with a balloon, but with a brush. There is a special very liquid Erdal shoe polish that lays perfectly evenly and then holds well. Well, if something is easy to tint. In general, I dyed her everyday wear shoes with her so I think cosplay shoes will not suffer at all.

Honestly, I myself did not do such things and am afraid on my own, if you have tips and suggestions, I will listen with pleasure to everyone who will respond

no. In my opinion, this is the case when "paint and throw away." I would throw it away without painting.
For a long time I locked a new leather jacket on the heavy door with a lock - in the workshop they picked up the color of liquid skin without any problems and painted over the scratches, then I couldn’t even find them. The jacket was then worn for several seasons without any problems. Well, it was scratches, not a complete repainting. Yes, even where the paint pieces fall off.

It was necessary - gray lacquered ankle boots were also bought in OZ (OZ veterans probably remember what passions were boiling then 😉) for both daughters. The varnish started to peel off almost immediately. Daughters went out of their way (lag for nails, enamel, etc.), but the shoes were in the trash pretty soon. It was sincerely sorry for those who bought them at the store.

It was sincerely sorry for those who bought them at the store.
They had a real opportunity to return a low-quality thing. But in OZ such an opportunity is very illusive.

Here on BEFORE needlework there is a girl, a cat, paints ragged children's shoes. Look for her, maybe he will advise something.

I also found a skilled worker try to ask.

Did I find another such Saphir paint (Sapphire) Has anyone used Tenax dye for smooth leathers art 0823?

And who knows where you can buy SAPPHIRE products? in wide assortment

Did I find another such Saphir paint (Sapphire) Has anyone used Tenax dye for smooth leathers art 0823?

And who knows where you can buy SAPPHIRE products? in wide assortment
I didn’t use it myself, but somewhere I read approving reviews.

They had a real opportunity to return a low-quality thing. But in OZ such an opportunity is very illusive.

Well, you have to console yourself :)) though so!

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When buying a leather bag, it is very important to remember that even with a careful attitude, scuffs and scratches will appear on its surface. With proper care, this can happen in a few years. But as soon as the look loses its appeal, it means it's time paint leather bag. You can do this in two ways: at home and in dry cleaning.

No matter where you do it, you must remember the answer to a very serious question: “Is it possible paint leather bag in a different color "? No! Never do it! It will hopelessly ruin your favorite thing!

In order to paint the bag at home, you can use spray paint. According to the instructions, this must be done in the fresh air. But a respirator or even a simple mask will not be superfluous.

So, your work algorithm will look like this:

Prepare a place. Aerosols have a large spray radius. Part of the paint will fall on you and the surrounding objects.

Examples of dyeing leather things in a different color

Cover with sheets of paper everything that may be dirty, wear appropriate clothing. Hands must be protected with gloves.

Clean the bag by removing dust. To do this, wipe the surface with a damp cloth.

Place the bag so that it hangs without touching the edge of the floor.

Start spraying from a distance of less than 20 cm. Try to do it smoothly, without skipping areas and without applying paint twice in one place. Pay attention to problem areas.

Leave the bag for one hour. After that, it will dry and be ready to use again!

There is another option. how to color a leather bag. To do this, you do not buy aerosol, but powder. The volume of work will be more, but this will allow you to color the bag more efficiently. What should be done:

To clear a bag of pollution.

Add the powder to warm water, mix thoroughly, strain the solution and boil. Allow to cool to a temperature of 45C. If the temperature is high, the skin will lose its elasticity and strength.

Leave the bag in water for 2 hours. At this time, it must be constantly turned over. Thus, the paint is better absorbed into the skin.

After painting, rinse the handbag in warm, and then in cool water. The rinse water must be clear.

To fix, place the bag in water mixed with vinegar and salt.

After all the procedures, dry the bag in the fresh air, but not in direct sunlight.

If you still doubt whether it is possible paint leather bag at home, use dry cleaning services. Carefully study the prices, reviews. In addition to painting, salons often offer other services for restoration, repair, restoration.

Give new life to your bag! May she please and help you for many more years!

How to choose and use skin paint?

A brief overview of how to choose and use skin paint, about the properties and manufacturers of dyes, is presented in this article. Although the skin is a natural material, but after a while even it loses its representative appearance and needs restoration. You can restore the former attractiveness of your favorite leather item using special paint.

Paint yourself, or attract professionals?

Before handing over a leather product to a repair and restoration workshop, possible risks must be assessed. To do this, you can ask your close friends and acquaintances if they had to give things to the selected workshop, what was the result.

For self-staining of the skin you will need to be patient and purchase the necessary tools and paint. Varieties of dyes for genuine leather are a great choice.

So, for example, a leather product based on oil or water is suitable for painting a leather jacket. As a result, oil paint will make the product denser and harder, and water paint, on the contrary, will soften the texture of the material and preserve its natural properties.

What paint to choose?

Before preparing restorative staining, special attention should be paid to the choice of the product itself. On the shelves of shoe and leather stores, there are currently many options.

First of all, it is worth distinguishing paint from impregnation or spray. The latter are used as leather care products.

Manufacturers produce paint in the form of a spray gun, a spray can with a foam tip, or simply in a container with a lid. It is worth noting that experts consider the spray paint (spray) to be the most convenient for home dyeing. Its use is safe and during the work you can independently control the intensity of the paint, if necessary, apply another layer of the product. Also, the spray is evenly distributed, which does not cause problems with excessive or insufficient application of the coloring matter.

The foam canister is also easy to use. After opening the seal of the container, it is enough to apply the product with rubbing movements. The paint impregnates the tip and, as it is consumed, is supplied through a special outlet from the container to the foam. It is optimal to use for spot staining of the skin, when certain areas, and not the entire product, are subject to restoration.

A box or a tin can with paint is used using auxiliary objects - a sponge, or a piece of natural fabric. Absolutely any leather thing can be painted with such paint.

Important: before proceeding directly to the staining itself, you need to take care of personal protective equipment - put on a protective shield or glasses, rubber gloves. Prevent accidental contact with an open part of the body.

Paint manufacturers

The quality of the product also depends on the reputation of the manufacturer. For independent use, you can purchase paint for leather shoes, if there is no workshop on repairing leather goods nearby. On the package should be indicated that this is a means for coloring natural leather and its tone (color).
List of common brands of skin dyes:

    Liqu> Skin Tinting at Home

To carry out the process of restoration and staining of genuine leather products, you will need to have the following set:

  • Rubber gloves for hands
  • Glasses, or eye protection
  • Unnecessary matter, or oilcloth for the surface of the desktop
  • Sponge, or piece of foam, wool
  • Liquid paint
  • Warm water and soap
  • Degreasing fluid
  • Skin Fixer
  • Leather Care
  • Soft brush

In order not to spoil your favorite leather thing out of ignorance or inexperience, you need to test the product on a small, invisible part of the product, and if the process does not raise doubts and problematic reactions, you can safely continue.

Almost all skin treatment products contain turpentine - a highly flammable substance, therefore, for safety reasons, a fire extinguisher, or a thick blanket, should be at hand to extinguish a sudden fire.

Paint the skin a different color

Requirements for the room - open windows and good lighting. There should be no foreign objects or open flame on the working surface.

The first step is to clean the painted surface. Wash the product with warm soapy water and a soft cloth and dry thoroughly. Next, wear protective gloves and goggles, and degrease the surface, use only specially designed products for this. After the successful completion of preparatory measures, moisten the processed leather item, and proceed to the main work.

Using cellophane, wrap the accessories of the product in advance. Evenly distribute the dye on the surface of the skin, for spray and spray with foam, shake the container before use.
In the process of painting, visually determine which areas need reapplication of the substance, and which are sufficiently stained.

Before re-spraying, it is necessary to wait until the first layer has completely dried, sufficient impregnation. When the product is painted in the desired shade, and the last dye layer has been absorbed and dried, a fixative can be applied - by the same principle of uniform distribution. Later, apply a skin care product, after it penetrates into the pores of the skin, polish it with surface touches of the bristles of a soft brush.

Thus, store the freshly painted thing away from heat heaters and open flames, to prevent direct sunlight.

Care and storage of genuine leather products

To a large extent, extend the life of your favorite leather jacket or boot, possibly ensuring proper care and proper storage.

  • Leather items should never be washed in a washing machine. If nevertheless there is a need for thorough cleaning - it is recommended to contact a specialized dry cleaning service.
  • You can iron only at low temperature from the wrong side, through a layer of natural fabric.
  • Drying leather goods is allowed only on a hanger with a soft coating away from the sun and heating elements, in no case on batteries!
  • It is impossible to store leather products in plastic bags, for this it is worth purchasing a cover made of natural fabric.
  • To prevent “creases” it is necessary to observe the natural shape of the product, to put dense, stable filler in the boots.

Subject to all recommendations and special conditions, the leather item will serve the owner for as long as possible.

Everyone has a favorite thing from the skin, which I do not want to part with. Over time, products from this material begin to lose their attractive appearance. Of course, this phenomenon is very frustrating. But nothing lasts forever. However, if necessary, a leather jacket can be restored. Especially if it is not only beautiful, but also comfortable.

Restore yourself or contact a specialist

After the restoration is carried out correctly, a leather jacket or handbag will look like new. Of course, the question arises, Is it possible to carry out restoration work on my own or you should seek help from specialists. Each of the options has both positive and negative sides.

Of course, having handed over a leather product to a dry-cleaner or to a workshop, one can hope that the workers will do their best and do their best. However, as practice shows, not all professional dry cleaners have proven themselves on the good side.

It is not uncommon for damaged items to be returned to customers. therefore restoration of leather products is best done at home on their own. If necessary, you can purchase a special paint in the store, which will make any product more attractive.

The painting process, for example, jackets made of genuine leather is very simple.

For restoration, you can use oil or water based paint. Each remedy has its own advantages. Water-based paint leaves the item soft to the touch and does not change the feeling of touching the skin. An oil-based product can make the jacket harder and stiffer.

What you need for painting a jacket

In order to properly color the jacket, it is necessary to prepare all the tools in advance. To restore the product you will need:

  1. A special fixer that allows you to fix the paint on the skin.
  2. A piece of woolen fabric for applying paint. For these purposes, you can also use a regular sponge.
  3. Genuine leather product.
  4. Wet sponge.
  5. Liquid paint for leather products.
  6. Latex gloves.

Leather preparation and dyeing

Before you start painting, you need to prepare a jacket. To do this, it must be thoroughly cleaned. In preparation wipe skin with a damp spongeto remove dirt and dust. After this, the product should be slightly dried. That's all now you can start painting.

How to dye a leather jacket

  1. Leather jacket should be unfolded on a smooth surface and cover it with dye. In this case, use a sponge. Наносить красящий состав необходимо мягкими движениями. Изделий нужно полностью покрыть краской. При этом стоит следить за тем, чтобы кожа не пропиталась насквозь.
  2. После этого нужно взять кусочек шерстяной ткани и аккуратно круговыми движениями втереть красящий состав в кожу.

Втирать нужно до тех пор, пока не получится желаемый оттенок. Таким способом нужно окрасить всю куртку. After applying the coloring composition is necessary dry the leather jacket thoroughly. To do this, you can use a regular dryer for drying.

Final stage

After complete drying, the product must be covered with a special fixative for paint. It is best to use an acrylic composition. Of course, there are a lot of similar tools. However, experts recommend use water-based fixative only. Also, the choice of this tool depends on what effect you want. Fixer can make the skin glossy or matte.

To apply the fixing composition is a sponge already unpainted jacket with even movements and preferably in one direction. In the process of applying a fixative white streaks or foam may form. In this case, do not worry. Frightening stains will disappear after the composition dries. The fastener allows you to protect the leather jacket from wiping and fading.

Before using the acrylic fixative products must be completely dry. Otherwise, after applying the composition, the skin will become sticky and the product will be damaged.

Home Paint Fixer

When the fixing compound has dried, wipe the jacket to remove white spots. If there is no special fixative for paint at hand, then you can make it yourself. For this you need to mix a liter of water, a tablespoon of salt and 200 grams of table vinegar. The resulting composition must be applied to a leather product with a sponge. After this, you need to wait until the skin dries and wipe it.

Set for painting leather products Leather Colourant Kit

Today, stores sell a huge amount of paints for leather products. This allows you to choose exactly what is required both in color and in quality. Recently, special has been very popular. leather colourant kit. This set is recommended even by specialists who upholstery furniture, as well as car interiors.

The paint included in the kit is similar in composition to those used in UK quality leather factories. Such a set allows you to give the product a perfect look. Leather Colourant Kit allows you to remove scuffs. With the help of a set of tools, the product can be completely restored. If necessary, the jacket, handbag and other things can be completely repainted.

It is worth noting that this kit can be used not only for the restoration of clothing, but also for shoes, furniture, car interiors and other leather products. This set is a number of special tools that allow you to achieve excellent results.

Leather Colourant Kit products were developed by leather professionals. The paint included in the kit is a water-based finish and designed to be flexible and durable protective coating. The kit is fairly easy to use and safe. It is worth noting that all the tools in the kit are not flammable.

How to use Leather Coloring Kits

After applying all the special tools from the kit, the leather product will look like new. It is worth noting that after restoration the paint does not peel off, does not crack and does not fade. However you need to apply the compounds correctlywhile observing traditional technologies that have been used for decades by many manufacturers of leather products.

To paint the jacket with such a kit, it is necessary to thoroughly clean it from dirt and remove the protective factory coating. Perfect for this Leather Prep, which is intended to prepare for skin painting. This will allow the new coating to penetrate the structure of the skin and better fix on its surface, while creating a protective coating.

After cleaning, you can start painting the jacket. To do this, it is better to hang a leather product and apply paint using an aerosol. This will allow more even distribution of the coloring composition. After complete drying, the jacket must be coated with a protective varnish. This composition allows you to prevent wear of the leather product, as well as to make the coating more reliable and durable.

Liquid Leather

Among a wide range of skin paints, one can find a product that is liquid skin. It can be used for restoration of burnt or cut jacket from genuine leather. The tool is ideal for restoring the passenger compartment, as well as scratched shoes.

Liquid skin allows you to return products to their original appearance. Such a tool is a simple unique composition that allows you to quickly repair any damage on the surface of leather products.

The basis for liquid skin is a water-alcohol solution that penetrates perfectly into the structure of the material. After complete drying, the composition does not exfoliate. After all, the tool penetrates the material. It should be noted that the composition can be used for any type of material: for synthetic leather, natural and pressed leather.

Artistic images

It is not at all necessary to make a scary and frightening face for Halloween with the help of makeup: the photos presented below are a vivid confirmation of this. Your image can be mysterious, fatal and even romantic. With the help of theatrical makeup, you can turn your face into a real work of art.

When applying makeup, it is worth remembering that it must be designed in a single color scheme with a suit. Too rich a palette of colors can ruin the image and turn it into a carnival.

Makeup Options for Men

If everything is clear with the fair sex, then how to paint the face on Halloween for the male half of the population? The stronger sex was much more fortunate in this regard, because their image can be really awesome, while girls still want to preserve a little femininity and beauty.

How to replace white makeup or what to make of?

There are situations when there is an urgent need for white makeup, and there is nowhere to take it. In such conditions, you have to refine yourself and go on tricks. Sometimes a white corrector helps out - dense pigmentation gives an even coating layer, and you can create a fairly fair face. However, good makeup costs a lot and you may need to create a clean, unnatural for a human face white color, which will be quite difficult with conventional non-theater means. Oddly enough, but to make a foundation at home is real and not so difficult. There are several common recipes, you can use any one you like.

the walking Dead

Perhaps the most popular characters among the guys are skeletons and zombies. However, the variations are very different, it can be a stylish skeleton guy or a real Death Rider. But the general essence of makeup does not change, usually a white face and dark accents on some parts of the skull.

If you want to emphasize individuality and stand out from the gray mass, then for the idea of ​​makeup you can use the image of a character from your favorite movie or comic book. Heroes like Edward Scissorhands or The Mad Hatter are especially popular. Batman movie fans can use the Joker or Harley-Joker makeup. But fans of the Marvel comics were the most fortunate, as they have hundreds of thousands of characters from Hulk to Spider-Man to choose from.

Do not forget about the smallest members of the family. Despite the fact that children prefer to wear scary masks on their faces, for Halloween you can choose an image in which they are not needed at all. Therefore, interesting makeup will help complement the costume.

How to make flour with your own hands

To prepare the composition from flour, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 2 tablespoons of flour
  • a spoonful of corn starch
  • some clean water
  • 2-3 drops of glycerin.

First of all, dry ingredients are mixed, then little water is added to them, a thick paste should be obtained, it should not spread. At the end, glycerin is added to the composition and mixed thoroughly. The resulting creamy mass can be used for application to the face.

Makeup for girls

How to paint a girl’s face on Halloween? This primarily depends on her age and suit. For a baby, for example, the image of a Pumpkin is very suitable.

  • Take paint or theatrical makeup and draw a contour of a pumpkin on the child’s face. It should capture eyebrows, cheeks and the upper part of the chin. Using different shades, create a smooth gradient from light yellow to bright orange. The color intensity is enhanced from the center to the edges.
  • Use the brown paint to apply the longitudinal curved lines. They will imitate pumpkin sectors.
  • With black eyeliner or gouache, apply triangular eyes and a carved mouth for the future holiday pumpkin.
  • Finish the make-up with the stalk and green leaves.

An older girl can dress up as a witch, for this you will need a bright and beautiful make-up. Use a variety of sparkles and rich colors. And to give the image of the spirit of the holiday, draw a web, bat wings or the tail of an imp. Well, if the daughter is not afraid to be funny, she will like the image of a real witch with a creepy green face.

Boys can choose from many festive makeup options. Various animal characters are very popular. For example, a puppy, kitten or tiger cub. They are very easy to draw and look pretty cute. For a more specific image, it is worth choosing an individual make-up. If your son decided to be Count Dracula, then you should apply vampire makeup, if he chose a superhero costume, then the symbolism of Batman or Spider-Man will come in handy. And for the living dead, zombies or skeleton, there is a detailed photo instruction.

After the holiday, you must correctly remove the makeup from the face. To do this, it is better to use a special milk, but if it is not, you can do with soap and water. To do this, moisten your face with warm water and apply a little liquid soap on a cotton pad or sponge. Wait until the paint becomes soft and flowing, and with gentle movements, remove it layer by layer. Do not rub the skin and do not smear the makeup all over the face, harmful substances can get into the eyes. After washing, wipe the skin with an alcohol-containing tonic and moisturize with a greasy cream.

Making the foundation for chalk

The chalk composition should be handled carefully, as it can dry out the face. Do not apply it to people who already have dry skin with pronounced areas of peeling. To create a white coating, it is enough to take a face cream and mix it until a paste is obtained with crushed white chalk. To apply such a composition is most convenient with a makeup brush.

Alternatively, you can use a mixture of chalk and melted pork fat, but this method is quite time-consuming and the resulting mixture is difficult for the skin.

Video: how to make black and white makeup for halloween

As part of this video, the specifics of applying makeup on the face to create the image of a skeleton are considered. The video is filled with explanatory comments that allow you to clearly understand each step of applying holiday makeup. The author shares his experience and reveals secrets to make the image more realistic.

Video: performing white makeup with powder

Video is an instruction for creating a simple and effective image for Halloween. The master class is devoted to drawing a mask on the face with white powder. Thanks to the understandable presentation, high-quality explanation and description of each stage of applying makeup, the process of creating a similar image at home becomes easy to implement.