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How to unfasten a bra?


Depends on the bra model. The number of options is small:

  • hooks + loops: the most likely case and the most convenient, can be located on the back or between the cups, occasionally on the side,
  • plastic: it is now found infrequently, but sometimes fans of vintage or the recipient of a specific grandmother’s inheritance come across,
  • magnetic: the latest development of designers who built a device with a bulge and a recess,
  • heck: representing a combination of a pin and a tube, it is always located in front, since the purpose of a bra equipped with it is to form an exciting hollow in the neckline.

Finally, you may encounter a lack of a fastener, especially if you are dealing with a sports girl. But in nine cases out of ten it will be a classic version with hooks. Someone is lucky, and it will be necessary to cope with one obstacle, but there are also five hooks! More often, there are two.

Similarly, the device of some currently fashionable corset models, but there may be more than a dozen hooks.

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The minimum seducer training program should include an understanding of the fastener device: the hook is inserted into the loop, the light tension of the elastic fabric ensures the operation of a simple mechanism. The design is unfastened if you pull on each other two straps connected on the back: the hook should be able to pop out of the loop. The rest is a matter of sleight of hand!

One handed

Such a skill is very important - how much will the second hand take? The technique is simple:

  1. In the center of the back, with a slight movement of the fingers of the right hand (left-handed people take longer to work!), We find the fastener - the density of the fabric and the metal of the hooks are tangible through any clothes,
  2. with your thumb, slightly press the part of the bra on which the hooks to the back of the young lady
  3. with the index and middle (you can draw the ring) fingers, grab the opposite part of the exciting object and pull towards the thumb.

It is unlikely that you will be able to unfasten several hooks at the same time, so be patient.

Learning love affairs, it is not necessary to comprehend their wisdom directly “in battle”: if the kissing technique works perfectly on tomatoes and persimmons, then you can learn how to unfasten your bra by fastening it to a pillow. Is funny But effective!

Through the sleeve

Having unbuttoned the bra with both hands or one, you can pull it out through one of the sleeves (girls often use this method, tired of walking “harnessed”). To do this, you need to get to the straps - through the sleeve. Carefully drag the strap across the entire arm, removing, like a loop, from the hand - the elasticity of the material allows you to crank the operation. Now, having made his way through the other sleeve to the second strap, we simply pull it easily - the trophy can be removed without difficulty.

Of course, this is possible with sufficiently wide and elastic sleeves. Otherwise, change tactics.

Through clothes

Having managed with the fastener, we get to the hooks with which the straps are attached to the cups. Through the neckline we get to them and carefully listen to the hook from the loop at the top of the cup. So do the other cup. Open straps make it easy to remove the bra from the neckline. It is also pulled out from underneath if the lady is wearing a T-shirt or blouse. And you can leave it in place - in half a minute it will fall itself.

Occasionally, a product happens with sewn on straps, but this is a case of rare bad luck.

The bra you’ve taken is serious! Before continuing, make sure that no one is against it.

Sly front clasp

It can be ordinary hooks with loops, but more often, being models for special occasions, such bras are equipped with solid heck, forming an additional element of decor.

For men's happiness, most often these delights are worn under decollete outfits. Then everything is simple - carefully passing the index and middle fingers of both hands over the lower edges of the neckline, grab both cups of the bra, pressing the outside with your thumbs. Pull the cups lightly at yourself and at each other. Now one should go up, the other - down: it will be easy to find out if you move the cups alternately.

People who are ready for a natural transition from friendly to intimate relationships usually don’t worry about topics like removing a bra or unfastening a belt. Lost in passion, they themselves don’t notice how they handle hooks, loops, clasps, and snaps. And they don’t need any secret techniques!