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How to quickly dry nail polish?


The co-author of this article is Laura Martin. Laura Martin is a licensed cosmetologist from Georgia. Has been working as a hairdresser since 2007 and has been teaching cosmetology since 2013.

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It takes 20 minutes to one hour to completely dry the nail polish. If you want to speed up this process, you can apply a quick-drying varnish on the nails in thin layers and try a spray for quick drying of the varnish. A hairdryer, culinary spray or ice water are also available. Thanks to one of these options, you can easily get started, without worrying that your perfect manicure will be smudged!

How to dry a regular nail polish?

How quickly the varnish dries on the nails depends on how it is applied. In this sense, the most important thing is to strive for uniformity and ensure that the layers are thin. So the coating will look neater and dry better.

It seems to many that a larger volume of varnish is simply necessary so that it does not “strip”, so that the color is more saturated and dense, and therefore they do not use the thin coating method. They can be understood. But if it is fundamentally important to speed up the process, you will have to use a life hack: first apply a layer (of course, thin) of white varnish as a base, and then a layer of the main color. A white backing will provide the desired brightness.

And make it a rule to never apply layers of varnish one after another without waiting at least a couple of minutes. If you do not let the varnish clutch, then the two layers will merge into one thick one, and, as we have already found out, it will dry even longer. By the way, the base, color and “finish” should be of the same brand - this will ensure their optimal adhesion, and hence accelerated drying. Due to differences in varnish formulas of different brands, drying may be delayed.

When both color and top are applied, after a short pause, use a professional tool for drying nails. They are produced in different formats: it can be a spray, or maybe drip drying like Quick-e, Essie. In both cases, the composition applied to the nails prevents lubrication and accelerates the drying of the varnish as it evaporates. Another option is to choose a “finish” coating with a drying function. They create a protective coating on the nails, and also fasten the previous layers of varnish to each other, the composition of such a “finish” helps them harden faster.

Drops-dryer Quick-e, Essie ©

How to quickly dry varnish at home with improvised means?

It is believed that the varnish dries faster in cold water. It really is. But it will be wrong to keep your nails under the tap. With a strong pressure of water, the varnish can be smeared, and then an attempt to quickly fix a fresh manicure will fail. Therefore, it is better to draw water into a small container and lower your hands into it.

Who would have thought that oils could contribute to the quick drying of varnish. Not only manicure in special bottles, but also regular ones - those at hand: for example, olive. Apply a drop of such oil to each nail to speed up the drying process. This will be a protection against lubrication of the varnish. And also - the ability to provide both nails and the skin around additional hydration and nutrition.

Is it possible to dry nail polish with a hairdryer?

When you urgently need to dry the nail polish (for example, after a manicure you need to leave your home as soon as possible), they resort to the most desperate tricks: for example, many turn on the hair dryer and direct it to a fresh coating. This, however, can spoil everything - if the hairdryer works in the hot air mode. But the “cold” mode will really speed up the process.

How to dry nail polish very quickly: life hacks

  • To create the prerequisites for the varnish to dry as quickly as possible, it is possible even before the start of the manicure. One of the rules is not to do it after a shower, as the hands (and nails with them) will be steamed, making it more difficult for the varnish to harden. For the same reason, do not soak them for too long in the bath, which is usually done before processing the cuticle. Starting to apply the varnish, degrease and dry your nails with a special dehydrating coating.

  • Another trick is to cool the nail polish before applying. Neil gurus assure that the cold composition not only lays on the nails better, creating a smooth coating without bubbles, but also dries faster. Therefore, while you are engaged in the form of nails, look after the cuticle and apply the base, hold the bottle with colored varnish in the refrigerator or freezer. Ten minutes will be enough to cool the varnish.

Did you know how to quickly dry a regular nail polish at home? Write about your methods in the comments.

Manicure fan

Drying nails with a manicure fan

The most convenient way to dry the varnish is to apply special fan dryer. It is a small battery-powered device or wall outlet. The sizes of fans are different: small, for one hand, more voluminous, for two hands at once.

After covering the nails with decor, the hand is placed in the fan hole, the device is turned on, after which it begins to supply air to the nails and quickly dries the varnish.

A huge advantage of the fan is its low cost, combined with efficiency and a long service life, so with frequent home use of varnishes it is worth considering such a useful acquisition.

The people have their own “answer” to professionals - several simple ways to speed up the drying of the coating on the nail plate at home. Let us consider these methods in more detail.

Hair dryer

Hair Dryer

A regular hair dryer is a great way to quickly dry your home. So that it is not damaged, you need to install the device on lowest temperaturethen place a hand with a freshly applied coating on it.

In no case can you use hot air: it can make the varnish soft and spoil the manicure. For the same reason, do not dry the varnish under the table lamp. Instead of a hairdryer, a stream of air from a domestic fan or air conditioner is also suitable.

Cold water

Cold water is a great home remedy for drying varnish

Since the lacquer coating hardens the fastest when cooling, you can make the process faster when lowering your hands in cold water. To do this, you can let cold water drain from the tap to make it icy, or add it to a bowl of water some ice cubes (This method is especially good for the summer season).

Hands are carefully immersed in a bath of cold water. To completely set the decor in water, you need no more than 4 minutes. You should not keep your hands under the tap: not yet frozen varnish can "move out" under the stream of water.

Polish for hair

Hair Spray Dry Manicure

Another long-standing and completely reliable way - spray hairspray on painted nails. This method will not only help reduce the drying time of the varnish, but also extend the life of the manicure. Choose a strong fixation varnish, then the result will be much more effective.

Vegetable oil

A useful and effective method of drying is applying olive or sunflower oil to the coating. To complete, you need draw oil into a pipette, then drip agent on each nail. Gently rinse the oil off In 5 minutes. In parallel with fixing the manicure, you can perfectly nourish the cuticle (you need to use cold-pressed oil).

How to dry a manicure with oil, the video will show:


To varnish quickly dry, a bubble with it must be put in the freezer literally for 5 minutes. After application, it will dry up an order of magnitude faster, and when this method is combined with cooling under a stream of air from a fan, it will be possible to enjoy manicure in 2-3 minutes.

In order to dry and fix the nail cover, one minute after applying it, you can rinse hands in cold water with vinegar (for 0.5 liters of water - a tablespoon of vinegar 9%). This will also speed up the drying of the decor.

Professional Tools

The means for quick drying of varnish coatings, which are used by professionals, quite suitable for home use, include:

Professional manicure drying

  • Drying sprays
  • Varnish drying
  • Oil coatings

You can buy these funds in stores for professionals or in online stores. The most reliable method is to dry the varnish by applying a special coating on top - varnish drying. In appearance, it is an ordinary transparent varnish that fixes the decorative coating. Lac-drying is applied one minute after the main decor in one layer. The top coating will not only dry the varnish without problems in a couple of minutes, but will also extend the period of its wear.

Sprays for drying - A convenient way to quickly dry the coating. Among the sprays are oil-based and oil-free. After applying the varnish, you can spray the nails almost immediately with a spray that will dry the coating in 4-5 minutes. Such drying does not make decor more resistant, but it perfectly nourishes the cuticle and skin of the hands.

Oil drip dryers also very popular. The principle and procedure for their action is the same as that of ordinary edible oil. The agent is dripped onto each nail after applying a decorative coating, 1 drop, so that it dries faster.

If you apply oil drying constantly, they will significantly improve the condition of the nails and the skin around them.

Useful tips for applying varnish

In order for the coating to dry faster, you need to follow a number of useful recommendations:

Thin layer manicure

  1. Apply varnish only with a thin layer. The fact is that a two- or three-layer thick coating will dry for a very long time, and even all of the above methods will help slightly. It is better to let the first layer dry completely, and then apply the second - the total time will be less.
  2. Before coating the nail, carefully remove the old decor special liquid, as well as degrease and sand the surface of the nail with a soft buff. Only on a smooth surface will the coating dry quickly.
  3. Use only high-quality varnishes., if necessary - quick-drying. Now many manufacturers produce products that dry much faster. Since the drying of the varnish is almost instant, it is necessary to adapt and paint the nails very carefully, quickly and carefully, avoiding any oversights.
  4. In an emergency, when urgently need to paint the nails, use low intensity coating. A small amount of pigment, the translucency of the shade is a sure sign that the coating will dry faster.

Manicure in bright colors.

Professional coatings for quick drying

Almost all well-known brands that produce accessories and cosmetics for nails produce special drying coatings. Among them, the most popular are:

Drying varnish "Smart enamel"

  • Top drying Secn dry (Orly) - suitable for manicure, pedicure, available in the form of varnish with a brush
  • Super drying off Smart Enamel - dries the coating in 2-3 minutes
  • Drying Complete by Sally Hansen - Costs more than Smart Enamel, but works great
  • Spray for quick drying (Avon) gives an elegant gloss, the varnish dries with it for about 5 minutes
  • Top drying Instant Dry (Chatte Noire) - one of the best dryers, makes manicure comfortable and fast
  • Drip drying Flash Dry (Orly) dries the varnish, gives a perfect shine to the coating

To make a manicure faster, which is important for most women, simple home remedies will help - oil, cold, fan. But it’s more reliable to purchase a good cosmetic product - drying - and use it for a long time and with great convenience.