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How to become a YouTube star


Modern society, like any society, has its share of idols. Many are looking for a way to become famous as quickly as possible, and the growing popularity of Youtube allows anyone to get their 15 minutes of fame. Hopefully this guide will tell you how you can become famous on YouTube.

  • Try to make the video unique.
  • Do not give up. If you aren’t in the top ten YouTube the first time, keep working.
  • Tags are always a good thing!
  • Be yourself!
  • Even if you are not a YouTube star, try becoming a YouTube partner. This allows your video to be paid, and you are likely to get noticed.
  • Try to spell out the message and be a source of inspiration.

Always be presentable and clean.

  • Link to other YouTube users, and put a link to their channel to promote yourself a little more.
  • Vlogs (Shane Dawson, Ray Johnson) - good for more lasting fame than viral.
  • Travel around and meet and say hello if possible.
  • Do not be embarrassed. Numa Numa guy wouldn't get millions of views if he was embarrassed by his crazy movements.
  • Take detours around if you can. Fans love this when famous people come to their cities!
  • Watch famous or popular YouTube videos for inspiration and to know what people want to see.

How to become a YouTube star

To begin with, you should understand that this is a serious goal, which you need to go towards gradually, in small steps. People feel when a person does something just for the sake of money or popularity. Therefore, it is necessary to find "your" theme and put your soul into the content. It should not be low-quality, "garbage." You need to respect your poor subscribers and interest them in something original, informative and of high quality.

What downloads should be like

There are several main criteria for videos that have a chance to become popular:

  1. Interest for viewers. Work not on quantity but on quality,
  2. Brief and informative. People with great interest watch not too long videos that carry some useful or entertaining information,
  3. With the presence of a specific goal and focus on a specific audience,
  4. Caught a wave of modern trends. Fresh, relevant information that interests a wide range of people is able to collect a large number of views,
  5. Original, with the presence of their own "chips", "zest",

Audience selection

Of course, the audience should be chosen in accordance with the interests. It can be series, computer games, equipment or something else. If the author is well versed in something and knows how to present information correctly and interestingly, a large number of subscribers will be typed on his channel.

Advice!One of the big parts of YouTube’s modern audience is kids and teens. Focusing your content on the interests of this age category, you can become famous and gain a lot of subscribers. But it is important that the author was interested in what he was talking about and there was no pretense.


This article described the basic, proven methods of how to become a YouTube star, gain a lot of subscribers and gain popularity. But this does not mean that you need to blindly follow all the tips. The main thing is to remain yourself, not to wear masks and not to create images.

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