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How to draw a whale fish in stages


The whale is the largest animal on the planet. It is believed that whales are even larger than dinosaurs in size. To satisfy the interest of young artists, we suggest you learn how to draw a whale in stages for children in an easy way. We have selected the most interesting and beautiful examples.

A simple drawing of a little whale

Draw whale with pencils

Drawing fish is an interesting activity. With them you can recreate the most diverse plot. But what if we dwell on the largest of them?

In the first drawing, we will use a simple pencil to understand the principles of creating pictures. You can supplement this list with a set of multi-colored pencils, a marker or a black pen.

Go to work:

  1. To begin with, before you draw a whale in stages for children, create a sketch. Draw a big circle on the sheet. If you can’t draw by hand, you can circle a round object.
  2. On one side of the circle you need to bring out the tail. To do this, draw two curved lines, one is long, the other is short. We erase the auxiliary line of the circle at the base of the tail. Draw the fins at the tip of the tail. They can be represented using a petal-like figure. Our whale pattern is starting to become more like the final version.
  3. Using a long wavy line, select the bottom of the whale's belly. Add a small fin above the line. Add the second around the head. He will be barely noticeable.
  4. Add some details. On the lower abdomen, draw longitudinal lines. We draw the oval eyes of the whale and the mouth in the form of an arc.
  5. We use a black pen. Circle the outline of the picture. Eyes can be painted over immediately. Leave a little glare inside. Shade the fish’s stomach with a blue pencil.
  6. We use the same pencil to draw the upper part with careful movements, but to make it different, put shadows on the fins, tail and sides. We leave light spots near the mouth. Later, these spots can be painted pink.

Done. In this way, you can draw a whale for a child.

Drawing on kraft paper

There is another interesting example that will show you how to draw a whale with a pencil. Why does offer you to draw this fish on craft paper? The fact is that, having colored the sketch with pencils, you will get a bright drawing. On such material, even a turtle will turn out to be surprisingly beautiful. Of course, you can start drawing in a regular album.

Consider a step-by-step briefing:

  1. Let's start the work with a simple pencil. We need to make a simple sketch. We draw two ovals, one large and wide, the second smaller and narrower. Note. That the ovals overlap one another.
  2. Now from two ovals we need to get one common silhouette. We connect them with lines so that the contours become smooth. From the former small oval we draw the tail lines. Make them tapered at the end. Get the tail. On it you need to draw fins. Their shape should not be even.
  3. Add fins to the sides of this large fish. Wavy lines will help us with this. We make the fin that is closer to us huge. The one in the background will be barely noticeable. We find the approximate location of the mouth and draw a line from it that determines the location of the abdomen.
  4. At the bottom of the note stripes. Add an eye, make it small. In the upper part we frame it with an arc. Erase auxiliary lines.
  5. The whale drawing is ready. We pass to coloring. Using a white pencil, mark the spots with highlights on the body. They are located on the tip of the tail, stripes on the stomach and in the upper part of the head. We will draw the general tone in blue. We paint over the lower part of the mouth, the center on the side, the fins and the tail.
  6. Let's go back to the white pencil. With it, we denote the reflections of water on the body of the fish. Place them on the back and top of the fins. Use a blue pencil to enhance the overall contrast of the picture.
  7. Shadow areas in the picture can be done with a black pen or pencil. Draw the contours with the same color.

Work is done. Now you have learned how to draw a whale with pencils. Using these basics, you can depict a realistic picture, which we will talk about in the next briefing.

How to draw a whale paints

This example is suitable for everyone, both beginner artists and those who are fluent in the use of watercolor paints.

To make the drawing go smoothly, make sure that you have everything from the following list:

  1. Watercolor paints. Colors: ultramarine, turquoise, indigo, gray payne, blue indanthrene, ceruleum.
  2. Brushes. Squirrel No. 8 and 5. Fleitz 30 mm. Synthetics No. 3.
  3. Watercolor paper. The format is better to choose A4. The paper weight should not be less than 200g / m2.
  4. Additional materials. A palette for paints, an adhesive tape, a simple pencil with an eraser, water, a tablet, a nag, paper napkins.

If you show how a whale is drawn step by step for a small child, this list can be shortened. If your goal is to get a beautiful and realistic picture, it is better to adhere to the recommendations.

We recommend using a ready-made example for work, you can find a photo of this fish or focus on our sample. Now let's move on to drawing:

  1. For convenience, we propose to fix the paper with tape to the table. So, you will not go beyond and keep the table surface clean.
  2. Sketch the whale with a pencil. You can use the briefing that we used above. Do not put pressure on the pencil, as it may appear under the paint.
  3. The next thing to do is decide on the tonality of the colors. Use the palette and a separate piece of paper. Mix colors in a different sequence from saturated dark to lightest. It is advisable to mark how much paint has been applied to a particular tone.
  4. If the sketch of the whale is ready, go to the color design. We use ordinary ultramarine paint. Add more water to it. Starting from the upper right corner, we lead in the opposite line. We put the paint on top, as the fish is in the water column. Do not be afraid to spoil the picture, because in the finished form, the whale will echo in color with water.
  5. Use a dark blue color. We begin to paint over the top layer of water. Look carefully at the sample. On it in the upper right corner we used only individual ones. Short strokes. This made it possible to create glare on the water, and the lower layer of paint created the feeling of emerging rays of light under water.
    The rest of the areas, except for the whale, we completely paint. Bottom color can be made darker.
  6. We breed ultramarine with water like this. To get a barely noticeable blue color. The resulting shade completely covers the whale.
    Now we need to make it voluminous. We introduce gray into the ultramarine and with spots of different sizes starting from the tail to the head, we make pigmentation.
  7. Add more gray paint, mark the shadow areas. They are located on the tail, under the fins and on the bottom of the head. You can go a little on your stomach. Be sure to bring the tail contours with the resulting color.
  8. There should be light spots on the fish. Draw thin light lines on the bottom of the head and on the side of the fin.
  9. Now you need the darkest color. Mix the paint so that you get an almost black tint. We will depict the eye to them, leaving a barely noticeable highlight on it.
    Draw thin stripes on the stomach of the fish. Paint the bottom of the fin, which is located in the background. Add a little the same color to the front fin.
  10. The drawing is almost ready. But to get a truly realistic picture, we suggest you take advantage of the secret. Take a wide brush, moisten it a little in water and gently walk from top to bottom in the picture. So, all the borders that were created by the paint will be removed, and you will get the perfect picture with smooth transitions.

Done. Of course, drawing such a whale for a child will be difficult. But surely the creative process itself will be interesting.

For those who like to paint on the marine theme, we suggest learning how to draw a picture of a dolphin or shark.