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Replacing the front power window in the Chevrolet Niva


Mileage 221,000 kilometers. Tortured driver’s power window motor. That opened, then did not respond at all to the press of a button. Last time it was necessary to knock lightly on the door. Then the motor worked as if nothing had happened. Every day I knocked on the door more and more. Replacing the wire from the motor to the plug did not help. I had to disassemble everything again.

The information may not be new for someone, but it will be useful to someone, I'm sure.

The first thing I took off the whole mechanism, brought home and unscrewed the motor ESP. Next, I picked up all the sealant on the wires, unscrewed the cover bolts, and removed the cover. My insides were sealed to the plastic. Gently making a slot, I pulled the "guts" of the motor out.

Here is such an unpleasant picture. The quality of the motor seems to be not bad, but it was alarming that all the components are pressed together (that is, they are not soldered).

He drew a diagram of the "insides", so that the ordinary layman could understand what was going on and he could always repeat it.

After the calls, it turned out that the Klixon 6AP series thermal fuse is messing up. The principle of operation of this thing is extremely simple - at temperatures above 100 degrees, it opens the circuit. That is, it does not allow the motor to overheat and melt. Exactly the same thing is in the kettle, which turns it off when the water boils (well, about the same principle of operation).

Decided to change. In electronic details I picked up an analog - KSDI-70 70C 5A (B-1009). As the name implies, it works at 70 degrees Celsius. Let it be with a margin. The cost of such a thing is only 18 rubles. You can pick up any other analogue, here the choice is quite large.

Ceramic capacitor taken from stocks. But the price is around 5 rubles.

We solder everything into place:

I replaced the steel conductive plates with ordinary wires, pasting them on hot-melt adhesive for reliability.

We collect (filled everything with hot glue on top to protect against moisture).

Check showed - the motor is working again! 20 rubles and a couple of hours of work (an hour of which went to torment Google in search of analogues) I saved a lot of money by avoiding buying a new part.

Before assembling the motor, I cleaned the contact points on the rotor (where the brushes glide).

Quality assurance

We use only original certified equipment for firmware

He served for a long time and in good condition, but at one awkward moment he suddenly refused.

Troubleshooting should be started by checking the fuse, it supplies power to both windows. If it is whole, then you have to disassemble the door. For this:

Remove 2 plugs, unscrew two screws and two screws on the door handle

Unscrew the self-tapping screw under the door handle. Slide the cover back, turn it 90 degrees and remove it from the door opener.

At the bottom of the casing, unscrew the two screws and remove the trim

Unscrew the 4 screws securing the speaker. Remove it.

Pry off the door trim from below with a screwdriver, grab it and hold it with your hands. Pull yourself in a circle and remove it.

Unscrew window bracket from window lifter

Unscrew glass guide and remove.

Lower the glass down, raise its right side and pull it out of the door in an inclined position

Unscrew the window frame mount at 4 points and the gearmotor mount.

Disconnect the gearmotor connector. Pull out the entire power window mechanism through the lower “window” of the door.

Unscrew the key on 22 three rubber dampers with studs. Caution! Do not lose the washers that are between the gear motor and the plastic case of the mechanism.

Now you need to buy a new gear motor and install it in place. In the market and in stores, I could not find it specifically for the Chevrolet Niva, so I bought it from a VAZ-2110.

But here you have to be careful! Motor reducers for them are of two types. They differ between each other by a connector and a tip. One is square, the other is rectangular. We, in this case, need a square tip, and we’ll remake the connector ourselves. We buy.

Do not rush to install a new gear motor in place, first you need to check its performance. Connect it to the block using wires and control the glass button. If the motor is working, put it in its place:

The old and new gear motors cut connectors with wires. Solder the old connector to the wires of the new gearmotor. Put the gearmotor next to the glass lifting mechanism and rotate the bushing with the cable so that the faces coincide with the faces of the gearmotor tip

Reassemble everything in reverse order. When installing the door trim, pay attention that it fits into the groove of the upper glass seal.

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