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9 tips - what to do if the plastic window is jammed and does not open


An interesting solution for street trading is the conversion of a swing PVC window into a sliding window for a cafe.

Noise canceling double-glazed windows in the OKO tower, increased soundproofing of windows.
Another example of the noise reduction of traffic noise passing through double-glazed windows in the apartments of the OKO tower.

Soundproofing of aluminum windows Leningradsky pr. 29 k1 LCD Tsarskaya Square
The slaughter location of the Tsarskaya Square residential complex at the intersection of Leningradsky Prospect and Begovaya Street affects the lack of sound insulation of installed aluminum windows, which we increased by installing a second string of glazing.

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Periodically, orders arise with a request to open a window that does not open. The reasons why the window is jammed and it does not open:

Quick closing of the window, which is in the rotary - folding position (handle up). For example, there was a strong wind or it began to rain, the owner of the house quickly closed the window open for airing, there was a small gap in the upper corner at the loop or the opposite upper corner. The handle stops turning, the gap is plugged with a rag.

This is a case of early actuation of the handle rotation lock, which is located in the swing-out scissors. Correct such a malfunction should be very careful. It is necessary to knock out the pin of the upper hinge and remove the sash part of the scissors from the hinge on the frame. Press it tightly against the seal on the sash and then the handle lock is unlocked. After that, move the handle to the open position, align the leaf and insert the leaf part of the hinge into the loop on the frame to hammer the pin back.

The window was closed for a long time and after turning the handle it does not open.

In this case, there may be a banal adhesion of the sealant to the window frame and it is necessary to pull the window sash harder by the handle, and there may be a problem with the fittings when one of the parts soured, flew out of engagement with the main lock and it is not possible to open the window.

To open a window with broken fittings, it is necessary to spread the leaf (remove the glazing beads and pull out the double-glazed window). This must be done so that it would be safe for the window to squeeze out the sash with idle fittings.

Then knock out the hinge pin to make the sash in the upper part more horizontal in a more movable position.

The sticks are best removed with a hard rust spatula. It’s better for them to squeeze the sash with idle fittings from the frame, since you will spoil the surface of the PVC frame with a slotted screwdriver.

Squeezing out the jammed portion of the window sash, pull out the sash and remove the non-working part of the hardware, or if you can fix it, then fix the defect in place.

If the window sagged heavily due to improper sealing at the factory, or the bottom hinge screw just loosened, it is best to fix the problem immediately without opening the sash. Remove the trim on the lower hinge and raise the sash with the adjusting key.

If you urgently need to open a sagging window, and you have no idea how to raise the sash by adjusting the lower hinge, or correct the geometry by unpacking, then do not pull the handle very much, since a double-glazed window can crack when the sash is bent.

Make a lever, for example, slide the handle of the hammer under the sash, and put, for example, a screwdriver under the handle. Having lifted the shutter with the lever, you can open the window. But in this case the window will have to be closed with the help of a lever.

What to do if a plastic window is jammed?

Many homeowners are looking forward to the moment when the old windows will be replaced with modern windows during the renovation. They look attractive, do not require serious care, are simple in everyday use.

However, this does not mean that you do not need to look after them at all. The most vulnerable part of the window is the hardware, in particular the handle. If, as a rule, much attention is paid to the quality of window construction, then they often save on handles, hinges and other "little things".

This is the wrong approach, because it is the hardware that is subjected to heavy loads every day - we always open and close windows, leave them in the ventilation mode, etc.

How to open a double-glazed window if the handle is jammed?

It happens that the window handle remains in the “closed” position, while the window itself is open or vice versa. If you incorrectly closed the plastic window, it may become difficult to open it later.

Consider the most common situations and find out what to do if the plastic window is stuck. For all situations, a general rule applies.

If the handle is stuck in one position and does not move, do not use too much force to turn it. All fittings should be treated with care. This is a guarantee of a long and trouble-free service life.

Why does the window not open?

If the handle is jammed in the open position and the window does not open, such a breakage indicates the operation of the lock. This is a protective mechanism that protects the window from damage.

This situation can happen if you accidentally turn the handle down when the window is open. To fix the situation, the hardware manufacturers themselves will help.

Each system has a special mechanism by which you can unlock the window. This can be a small steel “tongue” under the handle or a special plate with a spring, which must be pressed against the seal.

Why doesn't the window close?

There may be a reverse situation - the window does not close. Perhaps this was due to sagging sash. This happens with large windows that rarely open. In this case, you need to take on the outer edge of the open sash and, lifting it, try to close it.

If this method did not solve the problem, you need to inspect the window from the outside. In some models, a drainage bar is installed on this side.

Probably, she moved towards the handle, rests on the frame from the inside and does not allow to close the window. Position the bar symmetrically to the lower profile of the wings and the window will close unobstructed.

Double-open windows

There are cases when a window wedges in two positions at once, as if it is open and at the same time is in the airing mode. How to open a double-glazed window? To solve the problem, you need to carry out several sequential actions.

  1. Find a blocker (for this, as described above, you need to know the brand of accessories).
  2. Keep it pressed and at the same time try to move the handle up (ventilation mode).
  3. Then press the hinge upper corner of the sash to the frame as much as possible and, while holding the lock, lower the handle down - the window should close normally.

Defective hardware

If the handle remains stationary during manipulations with the lock and other locking and safety mechanisms, the problem is most likely hidden in the breakdown of the hardware itself.

If the handle is cracked, you can replace it yourself. Turn the mounting plate to an angle of 90 degrees. There are screws under it - unscrew them, remove the handle, put a new one and fix it with the same screws.

Precautionary measures

You can think for a long time about why the plastic window does not open, the handle is jammed or the lock is shifted, however, it is much more efficient to comply with all the rules for normal operation of windows and prevent such incidents.

The window should close and open effortlessly. Careful attitude will extend the service life of the fittings. Do not turn the handle if the window does not fit snugly against the frame. Do not save on accessories, trust well-known manufacturers.

Why does not the plastic window open?

Why the plastic window does not open

Installation of plastic windows for many is a long-awaited part of the repair.

And often removing the wooden frames and installing plastic profiles, the owners of the apartment do not think that the new windows also need care that will ensure their long and reliable service.

The most vulnerable point of the plastic window is the hardware of the mechanism.

It is most susceptible to deformation and various influences, as it is more actively exploited and bears the main load.

And if the adjustment of window fittings is carried out less than once a year, then certain problems will certainly arise.

Adjustment of the window mechanism is carried out by tightening the special screws located in the perforations of the accessories with a hexagonal wrench of a certain size.

If the windows are still under warranty, it makes sense to contact the service center of the company where the order was placed.

Like any thing, the window mechanism should be treated carefully and carefully, do not turn the window handle beyond a fixed distance, and do not turn the handle if the window casement is not completely closed. Such actions may cause damage to the swing-out system of the plastic windows.

You can adjust the window mechanism yourself only if you have the appropriate knowledge in this matter.

Some models of the window mechanism provide for independent adjustment of accessories according to the instructions for switching to summer or winter settings.

Most common problems

Most common problems

If the plastic window does not open due to jamming of the handle in the open position, the lock most likely worked.

It is designed to save the window mechanism from damage when the handle is lowered down when open.

To remove this problem, you should find out the brand of the window that you have installed. Markings can often be found on metal constipation.

If there is an AUBI mark, then in the area of ​​the handle you should find a plate of thin metal with a spring. Having pressed it to a sealant, it is necessary to try to turn a window handle.

This should be done by installing the window sash in a vertical plane, otherwise the upper blocker will interfere with the adjustment of the mechanism.

If the plastic window does not open with the window fittings Winkhaus, GU, Roto or any other company, then you should find a steel tab under the handle, press it against the seal, and turn the handle to the normal position.

The window handle does not turn fully or with force

This problem appears for several reasons. The first is the drying of the lubricant. Lubricate the window mechanism, all its moving parts, using universal lubrication or machine oil.

If this does not help, then the point is the sagging of the sash of the plastic profile.

To eliminate this problem, it is necessary to dismantle the decorative plug and find out which place of the response is most damaged by the moving roller. At this point, you need to adjust the hardware screws.


This fault is not difficult to fix with eccentric screws. A hexagonal wrench is taken, and with this tool the central screw of the counter plate is rotated.

The direction of rotation of the screw is determined experimentally. Some companies provide the accessories roller with a special mark.

This point will indicate the degree of clamping of the sash: the closer the mark on the edge of the roller to the seal, the stronger the clamp.

Window handle cracked

This is the easiest problem to fix yourself. Replacing the handle of a plastic window begins by turning the mounting plate 90 degrees. Under it, you will find screws that need to be unscrewed.

These screws held the old handle, which can now be removed, put a new one in its place, and fix it with screws in the same way.

It is also easy to mount the plate that regulates the window in the ventilation mode. The sash opening limiter is fixed under the base of the window handle fastening.

Plastic window adjustment

Plastic window adjustment

To do this, you need to tighten the screws that are inside the perforation of the hardware.

This process is best done using an imbrus key, which is pre-selected according to a given size. Otherwise, it is best for you to seek help from a specialist.

Remember that, as a rule, double-glazed windows have a warranty period during which you are entitled to receive free maintenance.

Specialists will be able to quickly determine the reason why the sash does not open and eliminate it.

In order for this mechanism to serve you long enough, you need to be careful in it. When switching to ventilation mode, slowly turn the knob to a certain position.

If the movements are sharp, then you can break it. When the double-glazed window does not close without a special handle sound, you should immediately consult a specialist.

To prevent the system from jamming, all actions must be performed in the correct sequence and you need to know what to do, otherwise you can break even more.

If you are trying to open the sash, and the handle is stuck, then a special mechanism has translated it into a lockable mode, which is designed to protect the plastic structure from external influences:

  • The first step in resolving this problem is to find out which brand your window is. This can be seen on a constipation of metal.
  • With the inscription AUBI, you need to find the plate on the handle. It is made of thin metal and contains a spring,
  • Try to squeeze it, and only after that try to turn the handle,
  • The shutter should be strictly in vertical position, otherwise the blocker will interfere with adjusting the mechanism,
  • If you encounter problems with the fittings of any other company, you should look for a small manual tongue made of steel and press it with force to the seal,
  • Next, turn the knob to the desired position.

The handle does not turn completely

If the handle does not turn fully or this action occurs only with the use of force, there may be the following reasons:

  • little grease. To do this, you can use either a special substance or a vehicle lubricant.
  • the sash is in the wrong position. To fix this problem, you need to remove the stub and analyze where the most damage was received. After that, adjust the screws.

Air leakage

If this situation occurs in closed mode, then use the eccentric screw. This should be done using the imbrus key.

Use it to turn the plate screw. Which direction should be turned, it is necessary to determine independently. To do this, experiment with turning it in different directions.

Spoiled pen

This problem can be fixed very easily. In closed mode, you should deploy the mounting plate ninety degrees and unscrew the screws under it. Take out the broken handle and install a new one, securing it with the same bolts.
To summarize

During the operation of a plastic window, a situation of breakdown of a particular part may occur. This in no way threatens you with a complete replacement of the design.

First of all, it is worthwhile to find out the cause of the breakdown, and then start the process of eliminating it. You must clearly know how to fix the mechanism correctly, otherwise ignorance can lead to even more serious damage to the window and its complete replacement.

How to open a jammed plastic window?

How to open a jammed plastic window

If you live in a new house, then it is quite possible that he shrunk, as a result of which, the window sash was deformed.

Such processes do not occur overnight (with the exception of an earthquake), they are preceded by a difficult opening, creaks appear, which is a signal to call the master.

Another reason can be problems with fittings, especially often this happens if you mistakenly or turned the knob too sharply.

Dust and debris, as well as lack of lubrication, can also affect its performance.

If the plastic window is jammed in the closed position, try to press the sash as tightly as possible and give the handle a horizontal position.

If this succeeds, gently raise and lower it. The next step is to find a metal plate (or steel tongue) under the handle with a spring, pressing it to the seal, try to turn the handle.

If the sash of the plastic window does not lean back for airing, there can be several reasons for this: breakage of the hook on the folding mechanism, lowering of the sash (the sash ceases to cling to the hook), breakage of the corner switch, the alignment of the window trim trim has lost.

As we see, the reasons that the window has ceased to open for ventilation are quite serious. It is not recommended to fix the cause of the breakdown yourself! You can exacerbate the problem. If your window is under warranty, then contact the company that installed the windows.

The arrival of the master and repair in this case will be free. If the warranty period for the window has already expired, then you can call different window companies and consult about the problem and the cost of repairs.

Поворот ручки с нажатием блокиратора

Так, например, говоря про фирму Winthaus, следует отметить, что блокиратор со временем изнашивается, и окно перестает закрываться. Не применяйте силу, сломаете редуктор основного замка. Вам потребуется удалить блокиратор, для чего снимите створку окна.

Освободите верхнюю петлю от декоративной накладки и плоскогубцами вытащите штифт. Having freed the accessories from the screws, remove the scissors and remove the lock. It remains only to screw in place the scissors and reassemble the structure.

Blocker Removal

A rather unpleasant option when a plastic window jammed in the winter season. Whether it closes completely, or has stopped in the airing mode, it still requires a quick fix.

If you have rotary - folding flaps, and the blocker worked, when you hurriedly closed the window in two positions at once, then follow the described mechanism, click on the locking tab, press the shutter, pull the handle up, and lower it down.

If a large window with wide wings has ceased to close, then perhaps the window has sunk. Try to slightly raise the bottom edge and close the window.

The handle is jammed, does not close

If the plastic window is jammed, it does not close and nothing helps, perhaps some part of the hardware has broken. It is necessary to disassemble the window, check the mechanism.

Or due to the subsidence of the window, the skew is too serious. In this case, you need to stretch the window using horizontal and vertical adjustment.

All this can be done at home, but if you have a poor idea of ​​the result, it is better to invite a professional, even if you have to wait a few days and pay a certain amount.

If you have accessories "Roto", "Winkhaus" or another.

The lock in such accessories is made in the form of a metal tongue, which is located at an angle to the window frame. It is necessary to press on this tongue so that it would be placed vertically, that is, parallel to the seal. And feel free to turn the handle to the desired position.

A situation is common when you want to open a window, turn the handle, and it wedges. To correct this situation, you need to very tightly press the shutter in the upper part of the window and try to turn the handle in a horizontal position.

Simple precautions

You need to know some simple rules for the correct operation of the window to avoid such troubles:

  • Do not apply too much force to the sash when opening or closing.
  • You can not leave the window open with strong gusts of wind, this is dangerous.
  • Be careful not to get foreign bodies between the sash and the frame.
  • Always turn the window handle to the end; you cannot leave it not fully turned.

Window Hardware Care

Competent and regular maintenance of plastic window fittings is the key to a long and successful operation of the window. It is recommended to inspect and lubricate window fittings once or twice a year.

Experts recommend using these types of grease: any machine oil (which does not include acids and resins), special silicone grease, special means for the care of plastic windows, WD-40 aerosol grease.



All questions regarding non-opening windows are compiled here. I hope you find answers to your questions here. It is also worth reading the "Answers to Windows Questions" section.

B. Plastic windows were installed in the entrance, but the neighbor removed the handle so that the entrance would not be aired. How to open without a handle?

A. Handles are sold in stores with accessories for plastic windows, you can buy if you do not mind the money. In general, you can open it with an ordinary screwdriver, the main thing is that there is a corresponding lever.

B. Loosely pressed the window and closed it. Now in the upper corner, where the loop, the gap is half a finger and the window does not open. The handle rotates only 30 degrees and rests on something. Call the masters or can you handle it yourself?

A. If it is not clear what exactly the matter is, of course it is better to call the masters. But if you do not want to call, then you can try to squeeze the upper corner, which is opposite to the hinges and try to turn the handle (in case the lock is in the way) or press the place where, in your opinion, something is in the way. Just try to control the force of the clip so as not to make it worse.

Q. My window generally stopped opening (it leaves somewhere by 0.7 mm and clings to something) and does not close completely. Tell me how you can open it to get to the adjustment mechanisms.

A. The window is apparently hinged. Most likely, it rests on top of the folding mechanism, in this case you need to slightly lower the window.

It is also possible that the window abuts against the lower locking mechanism (in which the sash is fixed in the opposite side of the hinges when the window is tilted), in this case the window needs to be slightly raised. This adjustment is possible with the window closed.

Q. My window does not open completely, and also does not open in the airing mode, and it is closed.

A. Try very carefully (with a little effort) to help the window open (maybe something is bothering the window). If the window opens, try to establish what prevents the window from opening and fix it.

If the window does not lend itself, call a specialist, maybe the problem goes beyond the adjustment of the window. It is also possible that the handle was set when the window was on ventilation. Unscrew the handle and rearrange it.

Q. When I turn the knob to open the balcony door, the eccentrics on one side do not rise, thereby not opening the door.

A. Such a breakdown cannot be eliminated by the usual adjustment, this is a serious breakdown of the fittings, you cannot do without a master.

Q. I have a problem with a balcony door, the door handle does not turn in one direction, I can’t open the door, tell me what to do? The handle is in a horizontal position.

A. If in horizontal position, the door should not be fixed by the closing mechanism. Try to pull the door a little harder, perhaps it has snagged on the pressure pad, which prevents the handle from turning. Just be careful, don't break the door.

Q. I tried, it doesn’t open, the plastic is cracking, what should I do if I open the door so that it doesn’t shut again?

A. If the door has opened, it is necessary to identify the cause of the jam, first check the door itself, if the handle works in the open position, check the lock.

If everything is in order, then carefully find out what and where interferes when closing the door, if the pressure pad, then move them.

You may need to adjust the window. It can happen, so the problem is non-standard, it’s hard to help here, you may have to call the wizard.

B. Nothing is clear. Technical language! How to open a closed window? The handle rotates only 80 degrees, but does not rotate 90 degrees. Something is holding the sash at the top.

A. Perhaps you need to call the wizard on the windows, apparently your problem goes beyond the simple adjustment of the window.

The window is jammed and does not open

Problem 1:the window handle does not rotate, the sash cannot be opened.

With such a problem, there can be many and very dangerous reasons to try to open the sash and fix the problem yourself. Be sure to call the wizard.

Problem 2:the sash in the closed position, the handle rotates in any direction, the sash does not open.

Broken window handle

Solution: To fix the problem, you will have to remove the handle - turn the cover on the base of the handle, unscrew the two fixing screws under it and remove the handle. If the base of the handle is chopped or the metal pin falls out of it, the handle should be replaced. You can purchase a new Winkhaus * pen at a hardware store or a window sales office.

Castle breakage

If the handle is not broken, but at the same time rotates in all directions, then the problem with the lock is obvious, usually in this situation a metal crunch or crackle is clearly audible.

Solution: For repairs, you will have to call a service technician and at least replace the lock, and possibly all the fittings, if the window is more than ten years old.

The window is jammed and does not close

Problem: when closing the window, the sash beats (clings) with the lower part on the frame and does not close. Possible causes of failure:

“Sagging” of the sash due to its skew and lack of support from the handle.

A solution that allows you to close the window without additional adjustments: you need to try to lift (move) the sash up from the side of the handle and, inserting it into the opening, put the handle in the "closed" position. This may be enough to close the “sagging” sash. In the future, to fix the problem, you will have to call the wizard, since you will need to remove the double-glazed window and reinstall it again and / or adjust the fittings. While waiting, the sash is best not to open.

The solution that allows you to use the window (close / open) before the arrival of the master: You should remove the cover from the casement hinge and use a 4 mm Allen key to tighten the adjustment screw.

Incorrect operation of the handle rotation lock.

On the swing-out flaps, as a rule, a handle rotation blocker is installed. This part does not allow the handle on the open leaf to be moved to the “tilted” (up) position and prevents double opening of the leaf. Sometimes the blocker does not unlock, and therefore prevents the handle from turning.

Solution: It is not difficult to find a blocker - it is located on the main lock next to the handle. If the handle is locked, remove the lock with a screwdriver and close the window. This will allow you to carefully use the sash, but you still have to call the wizard to install a new blocker.

The window opened in two planes

Problem: this case usually scares the owners very much, it seems that the sash is falling. Double opening occurs when the handle is turned up on the open sash, if there is no blocker on the window or it did not work.

Solution: Correct the situation is easy. It is necessary to press the shutter as close to the frame as possible and move the handle to the “tilted” position (vertically upwards). Then squeeze the sash to the frame and turn the handle to the “open” position (horizontal).

Self-treatment of windows is contraindicated!

Many owners prefer to repair windows themselves, however, cases of such interference can only harm the window. Do not leave the window wide open in winter, you should try to close it. And yet, the specialist must repair the fittings. To extend the trouble-free operation of the hardware, you need to provide it with proper care at least twice a year.

German hardware Winkhaus - 10 years of warranty service

The fittings of the German manufacturer Winkhaus * enjoy a long-standing impeccable reputation. The company puts the principle of ensuring the highest quality products and the interests of customers at the forefront.

A distinctive feature of Winkhaus fittings was the innovative development of the company's engineers:

  • The four-stage ventilation mechanism will allow you to choose 1 of 4 comfortable modes, as well as save from heat loss and protect the sash from slamming in the tilted position.
  • The unique handle fastening and the window lock mechanism made of high-strength steel provide easy and soft window control for decades without distortions and jamming.
  • Thanks to the special streamlined design of hooks and hinges, Winkhaus windows are easy to clean.
  • The micro-lift lock protects the sash from sagging and jamming even after many years of operation.
  • The patented form of the locking elements makes it possible to independently adjust the sash pressure without wasting time on a specialist call.
  • The quality of all Winkhaus fittings series is confirmed by the QM 328 certificate of the Rosenheim Institute.

* The article contains contextual and visual advertising