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How to choose the right fish: tips and tricks


How to buy fresh fish, actually fresh, that is, caught today? It does not matter if you are in Greece or in another country, you need to know a few rules on how to determine the freshness of fish, and do not just take the seller’s word.

I did not immediately learn this science, but working in a fish tavern, I learned how to easily determine the freshness of any fish. There are general rules that are best followed when buying fish, and no merchant can conduct you.

How to determine that the fish is fresh?

  • Fresh fish, which is caught today, has a dense body and elasticity, does not bend easily. If you take a fish and turn it vertically, the fresh one will stand like a soldier. If it bends, it’s not so fresh anymore.
  • Fresh fish has almost no smell, so it smells slightly of the sea. Do not hesitate to sniff the fish you like, if you feel the smell - do not take it.
  • The eyes of the fish should be bright, transparent, convex, voluminous. If the eye is cloudy and sunken, this fish is already several days old. Therefore, you decide whether to buy such a fish.
  • The colors of the fish. Fresh fish is bright, shiny, be sure to look at the color of the gills - they should be dark red. If they are pink or already white - no need to take.
  • If you take the fish in your hands and scales immediately stick to your hands - this fish is already stale. In fish caught today, scales fit snugly against the body, and it is cleaned with difficulty.
  • It is better not to buy fish that has some kind of injury on its body, for example, from a hook or a gun. Open wounds - a hotbed of all kinds of germs, it is better not to risk it.
  • When cleaning fresh fish, the entrails are separated by one dense mass. If they easily break, this fish lay for a long time on the fisherman’s counter ...

Still there is a fish caught in the sea, and the same, grown in a fish nursery. The first is an order of magnitude more expensive, so you need to know how to distinguish them. "Wild" fish has developed muscles and a dome-shaped bend of the spine. Fish from the nursery is flatter and its back is more even - in the cage you don’t really swim.

Today, on the eve of Clean Monday, I bought shrimp at the fish store. The Greek were only a trifle - gapari, suitable only for saganaki (that is, cooked in sauce). I had to take Spanish at 12 euros per kg, Greek, when they are, usually more expensive - 15-20 euros per kg, depending on size.

There was a good selection of fresh fish and seafood on the counter: fresh mussels, oysters, octopuses, squid, live crabs (crabs thoughtfully waved their paws), cuttlefish ... At your request, any fish will be cleaned immediately, and seafood too.

Cuttlefish, back - mussels in shells

The owner kindly allowed me to take some photos that you see in the article. These tips will help you when choosing river fish, not just sea fish. In addition, in many Greek taverns you are told to choose fresh fish for cooking yourself, and this is where you will be fully armed! 🙂

And here the living crabs in this very store are probably trying to escape))

And this is a small sketch of buying fresh fish from a car in our village - types of fish and their price.

Fresh, chilled or frozen: which fish is better?

Which fish is better: frozen or chilled It would seem that the answer is obvious: the fresher, the better. However, with fish this rule does not always apply.

The choice between different storage conditions should depend on the dish that you plan to cook from fish.

Fresh fish

Fish - A source of protein, many vitamins and minerals that are lost when stored and frozen improperly. You can buy fresh fish not only in coastal towns, but also in noisy cities. In the halls of large supermarkets, as a rule, there are aquariums with fish of different varieties. Before you buy such a "catch", it is worthwhile to find out where the fish was grown and study the documentation confirming its safety for human health. The problem is that a lot of fish (especially river fish) can be infected with helminths. You can kill parasites by using high-quality heat treatment, so you can’t eat such fish raw (in sushi, rolls, for example).

Chilled fish

Chilled fish The choice of such fish in stores is much wider than fresh. Chilled fish, like meat, has significantly more benefits for human health than frozen. The shelf life of chilled fish in the refrigerator of the store at a temperature of 0-2 ° C is limited, as a rule, to 24 hours, at home it is better to cook it within 3-4 hours after purchase. Such a fish spoils for longer than fresh, but it is not recommended to use chilled, albeit properly stored fish, which is deposited on the shelves: after a day, rotting processes begin in it. In addition, chilled fish always lose weight due to evaporation of the liquid during cooling. In order to maintain weight, the fish is cooled in ice or in a liquid. When choosing chilled fish, it is much more likely to get a poor-quality product spoiled by long-term storage than going to buy fresh fish.

Frozen fish

Frozen fish can be of different quality. When wet frozen, the fish is wrapped in icing - a thick layer of ice, which normally makes up 5-6% of the total purchase weight, but in reality it can reach 20%. Glaze is obtained when the fish is frozen in brines or a mixture of ice and salt, creating several ice layers. In addition, frozen fish can “gain weight” thanks to injections of water or various solutions that improve its appearance. It is especially easy to recognize frozen fillet stuffed with chemicals: as a rule, such a product has a perfectly smooth, white surface.

Shock (dry) freezing implies rapid freezing at low temperatures, due to which the fish retains its structure and useful properties. The advantage of frozen fish is the possibility of long-term storage (unless, of course, it was frozen fresh) and the fact that many bacteria die at low temperatures.

Choosing quality fish

How to choose a quality fish When planning to buy fish, it is important to distinguish between the signs by which you can determine its quality:

Before buying fish, it is better to sniff. Oddly enough, fresh fish and fish does not smell. It can give off the smell of a pond (sea, river water and even mud). A distinct smell of fat is evidence that the fish was rubbed with oil to make the skin more shiny. Smelling a sharp, unpleasant odor (for example, ammonia), it is better to refuse to buy such a fish.


The surefire way to understand how fresh the fish is is to touch the body with your fingers. The structure of the carcass should be elastic, uniform, the fish should not have an excess of mucus, dark spots or color unusual for this fish variety. A sure sign that the fish has soured is greenish spots on the belly.

Not knowing how to choose fish, special attention should be paid to the gills. A good, fresh gill fish has a rich red color. Gray, blackened gills in combination with an unpleasant odor signal a poor-quality product.

Fresh fish have clear, transparent and convex eyes. If the fish’s eyes have dried up or sunken, it means that the fish spent more time on the counter than it should be.

Useful tips when choosing fish

  1. If you are planning to buy quality fish, you should give preference large supermarkets with a large cross or specialty fish shops. In such places of sale, the fish does not have time to settle,
  2. Not recommended get a carcass Headless. Despite the fact that the head is overweight, it is from it that you can determine the quality of the fish, not paying attention to the manipulations of sellers with meat,
  3. Trust the date on the product is not worth it. Choosing fish, quality and freshness is best checked independently. What you really need to pay attention to is the place of cultivation. For example, Norwegian salmon, salmon - as a rule, farm products that are specially grown for sale, grow without movement and, together with food, consume substances that improve their taste and appearance. When choosing these types of fish, preference should be given to Scottish or Far Eastern salmon, Murmansk salmon. You must be especially careful when choosing canned food,
  4. You can check the quality of fish at home. After the purchase, the fish should be "released" into a container of water. If the "catch" sank, fish fresh,
  5. When cutting fish, you need to pay attention to the consistency of meat: quality the carcass should be elasticdense, with whole fibers. If the bones are easily separated from the meat, then the carcass is not the first freshness,

Fish is indispensable for the human body. In order for fish dishes to please the whole family without harm to health, it is necessary to choose a quality product.

Going to buy a good fish, it is important to pay attention not only to its appearance and storage method, but also to the place of cultivation and catch.

How to choose a fish

Buying fresh fish, not knowing the rules of its choice, is almost impossible. You need to be very careful and even picky. Evaluate the following:

  • Smell - it should be fresh, in it you can catch notes of the sea and mud. Any unpleasant odors such as musty or rotten product indicate that the expiration date of the goods has long expired.
  • Color - first of all, look not at how much fresh fish costs, but at the gills, if you buy a carcass with your head. They should not be gray, dark or clumpy.
  • Natural color - the product should not be stained.

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