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Thanksgiving: Thanks very easy!


Thank you very much for your help, for your understanding and your responsiveness. I’m very lucky that in my life there is a person like you. I sincerely wish you good health, optimism, confidence in yourself and tomorrow, great happiness in the present and bright hopes for the future.

The world rests on caring, sympathetic people who are not able to pass by, always ready to help and provide support. Thank you for your trust, care and participation. Your help is extremely valuable and will never be forgotten.

There are times when two hands fail. It is at such moments that the hands of friends come to the rescue. And their help is so significant and invaluable that I want to not just thank, but to share a piece of my heart. So much for you, I want to say not just “thank you very much”, but warmly, from the very heart, to express my gratitude and thanks for the help.

I sincerely thank you for helping me. It is insanely pleasant and joyful to realize that there are always those who are ready to help from the heart!

From the bottom of my heart, I want to say “thank you very much” for your help. You did not turn away from me and did not spare your strength, your time, to help me in my work. I ask you to accept sincere gratitude and good wishes for health, peace over your head, comfort in the home, blessings in the family and incredible happiness in each new day.

“Oh, thank you so much” I want to say for your help, for the responsiveness of your soul and the kindness of your heart. I sincerely thank you for the efforts and efforts for my sake, for my concern and understanding. I wish you all the best in life, good luck on the way and your beloved people nearby.

Thank you very much for your help. It is very important for me to know that in my life there is a person who will find the time, strength and desire to help me and not leave me alone with the difficulties of life. I wish fate to reward you with dignity for your kind heart, open soul and sympathy. Good luck and great happiness!

With all my heart I thank you for your help and I want to wish you strong strength and excellent health, continued happiness in life and a wonderful mood of the soul. Thank you for the kindness of your heart and the immediate response to my call for help.

Thank you for your help and your support in the difficult moments of my life. I express my gratitude to you for the indifference and the willingness to disinterestedly participate in the fate of others. I hope that in the future our communication will continue.

Without your support, without your help, I would not be able to cope. Thank you very much for being able to become my lifeline in this matter, for having such a good heart, such an open soul. I thank you and sincerely wish to always remain the same wonderful person, walking the happy road, beloved by relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbors and even just acquaintances. All the best and health.

From the heart and soul

Gratitude phrases must be chosen with great care. After all, the one to whom they are intended should feel your sincerity and cordiality. Let it not be a formal speech, color it with emotions, gestures, a smile. Try to explain in detail how the help, advice, or deed worked. Do not be shy of your feelings, say everything that you think. Be sure to come up with an appeal to someone who helped in a difficult situation. Let it be not just a name, but something gentle, affectionate, expressing appreciation:

  • dear, respected, kind man,
  • savior, messenger from heaven, the best of all that I know
  • faithful companion, good fairy, wizard.

Such simple words will cause a smile on the face of the interlocutor and energize for other good deeds. After all, expressing gratitude for the help is completely uncomplicated, and so nice.

Main words

Having come up with an appeal, you can move on. The bulk of the speech is up to you personally. How ready are you to open yourself to a person, how great is your gratitude? These phrases will help you build the right text that you pronounce by looking into the eyes of someone who has not refused help. Simple phrases of gratitude are moved to the core:

  • "It is impossible to express gratitude with words, thanks for the help, warm attitude, because it is such a rarity in our world. Many people have forgotten the concept of" compassion ", and you have plenty of it. Share your kindness, indefatigable energy and cheerful disposition. And then the world will be much brighter. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the assistance provided. "
  • "A deep bow to you, good man! These phrases of gratitude will not express all my feelings. You supported me in difficult times, extended a helping hand. Let this bright hand receive as much as it gives! After all, you are always ready to give it to someone who is difficult" .
  • "Thank you - great and sincere! Your help was needed like air! We received it, and free of charge and from all your kind heart! Thank you and remain your humble servants and debtors! As soon as our support is needed, immediately let us know and we will arrive on that now, thank you very much and bow. "

Such gratitude in prose will be appropriate in many cases. Do not forget the power of words. Saying "thank you" is necessary even for every little thing, and if you have been given real help, you should not skimp on gratitude.

Wonderful years

School is the best time in the life of every person. It is a pity that we understand this after many years. Graduates and their parents must say the words of gratitude to the teacher. After all, he put knowledge, soul and strength into them. This profession is usually chosen by kind and creative people. To cope with several dozen children is very difficult. You need to find an approach to everyone, look into his soul and inspire confidence. Material gifts, of course, also do not interfere with teachers, but the most important thing is the words of gratitude.

You can thank the teacher in a duet. Choose from the class the most artistic child with good diction and the same parent. Let them take turns uttering phrases, and then give the teacher a huge bouquet. Deliver the words from the heart, sincerely and touchingly: “Dear and beloved cool fairy! We have loved you very much over the years. We wish you success in your work, health and prosperity! But most importantly, we want to say thank you! For your patience and understanding, for love and sometimes necessary rigor. It is so hard to find a common language with children, to put light, eternal in their heads. You educated us with dignity, instilled a love for the world, nature, your neighbor. This is a huge, titanic work! Keep up the good work, do not lose your charm and kindness. We will always remember you with a smile on your face! A deep bow and appreciation to you from us for life! ”

Such phrases of gratitude will surely please the teacher. The speech will turn out not pretended, but sincere and sincere.

A simple thank you

Pride sometimes interferes with accepting help and support. But if necessary, there is no other way. But to say words of appreciation is usually obtained easily and in one breath. If you have been helped, be sure to express gratitude in prose, poetry, writing - it does not matter. Saying "thank you" is very simple. Prepare your speech in advance or write it in a beautiful postcard:

  • “Thank you for your help and assistance!” You helped at the right time, most importantly, from the bottom of your heart, without excuses and delays. I bow to my feet and kiss my hands! ”
  • “Your help was invaluable. Thank you for your support, I will definitely answer the same in the near future! ”

Such simple blanks can be supplemented with specifics. Feel free to express what has accumulated inside.


People want to feel grateful for what they do. It is especially important to get it from managers. Leaders have a wider understanding of the goals and objectives of the organization, adequately assess the effectiveness of employees. Therefore, their praise seems especially relevant and allows employees to understand that they are on the right track. Here are some suggestions for expressing gratitude at work.

Clearly indicate what your team did well, how it relates to its unique advantages, and how it helps the organization. In general, talk more about her amazing qualities, not about how this helped you. For example, “your creative thinking helped us start the process without overlays”, much better than “you saved the day - thanks!”.

You should say thanks more often than you think. Express gratitude to specific people.

Still not convinced of the significance of such a simple act of gratitude? In an article in the Harvard Business Review, professors Francesca Gino and Adam Grant shared the results of an experiment in which fundraisers, who received personal thanks from their manager for their efforts and contributions, increased their reach by 50%.

Recognition and gratitude enhance self-confidence and motivation. It is much easier for people to achieve goals and accomplish tasks when they feel the support of management.

Provide employees with training and development opportunities

Top executives are looking for ways to accelerate the professional growth of their team members. They send employees to industry conferences, motivate them to join the association or obtain a certificate. Of course, you may be limited in resources. Therefore, it may make sense to use them for the growth of the most promising employees.

Do not forget: your organization also has many opportunities for professional growth and training. You can invite your employee to a cafe and talk about his career and goals, or introduce him to another head of the organization. If necessary, invite him to participate in a high-level meeting or ask him to hold a strategic meeting on your behalf.

When you personally participate in the training and professional growth of your employees, you show that you believe in them and want to help them.

Take care of your team members

At the beginning of my journey, I made a mistake, focusing solely on work. At that point in my career, I thought that talking about corporate events was a hindrance to the task.

It is good that my wise boss came to the rescue. I realized that you need to show concern for your employees, interest in them as people, and then demand a result from them.

I began to build trust with them. Asked about how they spent the weekend, about their families, hobbies. In addition, I talked about my interests. All this helped us a lot to find a common language, rallied us. Subsequently, we all began to work better in the office.

Find time for your team members

It so happens that you need to have time to do a lot in a limited period of time. Of course, you do not want to be distracted by anything. But it may happen that your employee needs help. What do you tell him? What is not the right time now? Or will you stop and give him the opportunity to ask a question?

Your reaction and your behavior at such moments characterizes you very well. The employee will immediately understand whether you are a true leader or not. Your facial expressions, gestures, words affect further relationships with the team. The support of employees will depend on this, their readiness to contact you again in case of questions.

Of course, you cannot always be distracted from the process. Then invite the employee to wait a bit. Tell him that when you finish the job, be sure to talk to him.

Good questions

Your interaction with team members can be very productive if you communicate with them personally. Go through the departments, ask a few questions. Here are some of them.

  1. "What's new?" This is a very simple and good question. An employee may well share some insight or a new idea.
  2. "What obstacles do you need to overcome today (or this week)?" This will give you the opportunity to understand what your team members are facing in their work and how you can help remove obstacles.
  3. "How can I help you or how to support you right now?" It shows your concern, participation in achieving people success.

It is better to say in advance that you are going to go through departments and ask a few questions. So employees will not think that you are checking them. Be sure to take notes in a notebook and prioritize conversations correctly.