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How to delete a profile on Keek


About a year ago, even before the periscope, the fyuse service appeared. These are three-dimensional pictures that can be moved. Almost like a live photo in an iPhone, but a little different. I checked in there out of curiosity. For all this time, the project has not been successful.

Fyuse is a social network. It’s not enough to remove the application, you also need to erase your account. This is done in an unobvious way and not from a mobile application.

How to delete an account in fyuse?

To permanently erase all your data from fyuse servers, you need to follow this link:

You will see the login form. You need to specify your credentials (or log in via Facebook) and click on the “Delete my account” button. Here you can write the reason for the removal, although this is not required.

If you remembered your password and filled out the form correctly, you will see a sad cat and a wish for a “happy life” (the expression “have a nice life”, by the way, is very sarcastic).

Everything, now there is no account in fyuse. Although the mobile application will let you into the system for a while.

What data must I indicate when registering? Ⓧ

In order for our service to be truly effective, and not become another useless pastime, we ask you to fill in a lot of information about yourself: nickname, gender, age, purpose of dating, at least 5 interests, etc. Spend only 5 minutes of time once and you will get a truly working and effective service that will help you find the one you need!

What if I see few other users? Ⓧ

  • You see only those users who logged in in the last 3 hours within the territory displayed on the screen of your smartphone. Try increasing your search radius by zooming out or moving the map manually.
  • You can also try changing the filter settings. The transition to the temporary filter section is located in the upper right corner of the main screen (map). New settings are not saved and are valid only during the current session. To change the settings permanently, go to the section: Menu / My data / I want to find.

Why do I need to do a check-in? Ⓧ

To see other users who are online near you or in other popular places in your city, as well as to be able to see you and be active, send a message (for VIP, you can also have pictures and photos), make one of available offers (using the offer wheel), you need to check in at the place where you are (or the nearest, if you are too careful).

I can’t figure out how to check-in the application? Ⓧ

  • Find on the map, or in the "List" section, the desired institution and clicking on it, click on "Check-in". You can move the map as you like, zoom in and out to the size of your city and even country!
  • LOOKMEUP simultaneously shows on the map no more than 60 places, and not all places are immediately visible. Sometimes, to find the right place, you need to play on a scale or move the map.

What is the "Under the Sight" feature for? Ⓧ

  • You can add to your favorites users that you like and see when and where they are marked.
  • To add the user “At gunpoint”, when viewing any photo of him, go to the small menu (in the upper or lower right corner of the picture, depending on the viewing mode) and find the function “At gunpoint”. There you can add the user to the "Black List" or complain about his photo.

Is there a blacklist and how to add a user there? Ⓧ

  • If necessary, you can add the user to the Black List, thereby blocking the user and restricting intrusive communication. However, he will no longer be able to see you on the map, write you messages and send gifts and offers.
  • The function "Black List" is in the free basic functionality of the service.
  • To add a user to the "Black List" - when viewing a user’s photo, go to the small menu (upper right or lower corner of the photo) and find the option there.

What is a VIP status? Ⓧ

  • VIP status allows you to get a number of advantages compared to the basic account:
    • VIP status allows you to find out who you are at gunpoint,
    • With VIP status in messages you can send photos and files,
    • Without VIP status, message length is limited to 100 characters,
    • Without VIP you can only post 3 of your photos,
    • VIP status allows you to highlight a profile and messages,
    • Access to the extended list of gifts,
    • Without VIP, you can have no more than 15 people at gunpoint,
    • With VIP status, you can mark several dating goals at once,
    • For VIP users, the Invisible function is available (under development).
  • When new functionality appears, part of it will be available only to VIP users.

How much does VIP status cost? Ⓧ

  • VIP status for 1 week costs 229 rubles, for 1 month - 379 rubles, for 6 months - 1 750 rubles. (292 rubles / month), for 1 year - 2 990 rubles. (249 rubles / month), Unlimited VIP - 7 490 rubles.
  • At this time (up to 300 thousand users), you can acquire VIP status at a special PROMO price with a discount of 30-50% of the nominal.
  • Also have time to take advantage of the exclusive offer - get PerpetualVIP within 24 hours after registration for only 2990 rub!