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Hay Day on the computer (Even a child can handle it)


Recently, a farm simulator called Hay Day has gained immense popularity - many thousands of gamers have already enjoyed this game. . However, as in all other games, this one also has its secrets. Hay Day is a game that does not require you to inject real money (that is, you can use it, but the game does not have the moment when you simply had to do it - everything is exclusively voluntary), but if you want to achieve high results then you will need to know certain features. This will allow you to grow faster, make more profit and use your resources more efficiently. What are the secrets of Hay Day?

Many people immediately try to find out what cheats are on Hay Day. And immediately they should be disappointed - there are none. You should remember that this game is based on a mobile platform. And although it is more solitary, you still constantly interact with other players in some little things, say, during races you compete with them. So the developers did not leave any opportunities to use cheat codes, as this would put some gamers in a better position than others. That is why you need to think not about cheats, but about the secrets of passing on Hay Day. Because in reality there are a lot of them, and if you do not know them, then it will be quite difficult for you to develop your own farm. So this article will help you become a successful farmer and absolutely without the use of cheats.


So, as mentioned earlier, the secrets of Hay Day lie largely in those functions that depend on other players. For example, you can pay attention to the bulletin board, which you can find in the newspaper of your farm. There will be offers for the sale of certain goods by other farmers. Here you need to spend your coins wisely - buy either what you urgently need, but there is no other way to get it, or what will help you do business. For example, you can buy a large batch of certain goods in bulk at a low price, and then through the same ads sell them at a higher retail price. So you can make money, but for this it is better to study the market first, because you can buy a large batch of goods that as a result no one will buy from you at all. As you can see, the secrets of Hay Day can tell you some pretty interesting development options.

Getting diamonds

As in any other similar game, there are two types of currency. Coins are the main money that you can spend freely, since you will earn them no less freely. But diamonds are a completely different conversation. The fact is that they are given quite a bit every time you reach a new level, but you would never miss what you would like to buy right away - you will need to constantly save several levels in order to get at least something. That is why all the key secrets of the game Hay Day are associated with getting diamonds. But how can you still get them? The very first thing you need to do is to link your Facebook account to the game. Five diamonds are immediately given for this. You can get another one if you start following the game page on the same social network, there you can participate in competitions with various diamond fees - you may be able to win. You can also view trailers of other games of the developer - for each view they also give a diamond. As mentioned earlier, when you rise to a new level, you also get diamonds - usually there are very few, one or two. You can also count on finding diamonds if you find a chest - they can hide inside, although this happens quite rarely. Well, of course, you should strive for level 24, since upon reaching it you get the opportunity to make “mining-digging”, and this process will also bring you stones. That's all the key secrets of the Hay Day game for getting extra free diamonds.

Waste of diamonds

As you well understand, your Hay Day farm will constantly require improvement and improvement, and often the game will offer you to spend diamonds on one or another action. Never listen to these tips - because the developers in this matter tried for themselves, and not for you. You recklessly spend diamonds, then you realize that you need them for something else - and rush to buy them for real money. To avoid this, do not follow in-game tips. The very first and actually the only thing you need to do with diamonds is to increase the lineup for production in your buildings. This is done so that you can put on production at the same time much more products than originally intended. Thus, your Hay Day farm will thrive much faster.

The game also has a large number of a wide variety of decorative objects, creatures, and so on. However, they do not always appear on the farm at your own request, and users do not always want to see them. Therefore, you should learn how to get rid of unwanted guests, such as frogs. They appear in the pond at random, croak and distract. If you want silence, then use one trick. Place a small pond next to the river and wait for the frog to appear. Immediately place a large pond directly on it and wait a couple of minutes. Then transfer your pond to the place where you want to see it - the frogs will no longer disturb you.

Hay Day on the computer

I do not like superfluous words - therefore we will pass directly to business. As I said, the necessary condition for installing Hay Day on a computer is the Android emulator, which you can download from the link below, I already took care of you and uploaded the distribution kit to my blog. (I recommend that you always download the latest version of the emulator from this link on the site site - use it as a last resort if the official site is unavailable, since not everyone downloaded from here can work correctly).

For ease of download, I made several mirrors:
(Please write to me if one of them is unavailable)

Download from
Download from the official site

Download the emulator distribution kit and run the installation wizard. Everything here is in English, but it’s not a problem, I will write down the steps to you, where and how ... Agree to the license agreement and click NEXT. The second installation step is to indicate where our installed applications will “fall” and, in general, where our Android will lie. (Due to the fact that few people divide the hard drive into several partitions, I recommend leaving it as it is, for the vast majority this folder will be where necessary) We put all the daws, we are all interested and we all want to know. It remains only to wait for the end of the installation. When you see such a picture, then know - you are almost there Well, we installed BlueStacks with you - we’ll move on to the most interesting. Install Hay Day on the computer, or rather on a virtual android. I threw the current version to myself - download to health. After installing the emulator - * .apk files will be installed in our virtual tablet on android. Well, that’s all, the Hay Day toy is installed on the computer, now it can be launched and played. This is the beginning of the game, where they explain to us how to manage the farm here. However, you noticed that you have to start all over again - let's fix it. First, you need to bind to FaceBook on your device on which you are playing. Once you have done this, move on. So, go to the "Settings" of the game ... And select "Login via FaceBook" Now the fun part. The fact is that the keyboard does not switch to English. You can, of course, get confused by adding to the virtual machine, but we will do it easier. Open the notepad (START> ALL PROGRAMS> STANDARD> BLOCKS) and print your Facebook username and password. Then select your username and press CTRL + C (this will copy the username to the clipboard), open the game, select the field with your username and press CTRL + V, thereby pasting the contents of the clipboard. Repeat with password 😉

Hay Day will let us know that a game is already associated with our account. We see that my account already has a level 14 farm, do we want to continue or will we start all from scratch? Of course I want to continue, for this I click "Yes, download the game" Now you need to enter “CONFIRM” to show the game what we intend to continue. Well, that’s all, now you know how to play Hay Day on a computer and there’s no need to constantly poke at the screen of a tablet or smartphone, I’m used to playing on a computer, and you?

Top 20 Farm Tips

Forget the cheat codes for Hay Day, as they simply cannot be.

What to earn gold, often run into the newspaper with ads, be sure to have at hand a table with the maximum prices for all goods. You can create such a list yourself, or download a ready-made one. The table should have a maximum price for the entire quantity: from 1 to 10, thus, looking at trays of other people's kiosks, you can buy goods that were not set at the maximum price, but when selling in your kiosk, set only the maximum price. Thus, you can earn even more coins than using the method with wheat.

You can get diamonds that you can buy at the farm for real money like this: for example, after logging in via Facebook you will receive five diamonds, for receiving levels they give from 1 to 5 diamonds. Diamonds can be entered in open boxes - up to 8 pieces. There is a chance that you will receive a diamond for watching a movie, by a ticket near your inbox. And the fastest way to earn diamonds is in the mine, mining different ore.

Diamonds need to be spent wisely. For example, it’s smart enough for 10 diamonds to take an additional task at the races. And also, you need to slightly open additional cells in production. The main thing is not to spend diamonds on what will end after some time and will not affect your winnings or losses, for example, at races.

That farm, which befell the fate of the invasion of frogs, you can get rid of them. This can be achieved if for a while you put on them a small or large pond from the store.

Do not miss the opportunity to hire Tom from level 14 - for free. 3 days will be in your stock for the purchase of what you want. Order him every two hours the maximum quantity of the product that you need or which is produced the longest.

Even after you have discovered all the land on your farm, continue to collect extensions. A new land regularly appears on Hay Day that needs to be discovered again. Who knows, maybe someday it will be possible to see other farms that are directly with yours.

Do not neglect sending trucks. It is always a lot of experience and good money. Especially when they give double coins for tasks on a special occasion.

At Hay Day, it is imperative to make friends to the maximum. Also decide which community is strong enough and grow with your neighbors.

If you constantly flip through a newspaper with ads, then you can find expensive and rare items. The main thing is to ensure that your barn and silo have enough space to buy. Buy without hesitation, because at this moment hundreds of other farmers leaf through the newspaper.

Do not get carried away buying expensive jewelry for your farm. Style and beauty are more dependent on your taste. If there is no imagination, look through the farms of other players. You will surely come across what you like. By reviewing many farms, and choosing the best of each, you can create the most beautiful and unique farm.

Got an exclamation mark in the newspaper? So the farm needs watering or assistance with sending the steamer. Therefore, be sure to go around the territory and look at the boxes on the boat, maybe you can close the couple. These actions are always beneficial, not only to the neighbor, but also to you.

Try to buy different pets regularly. When there are enough vouchers, you can purchase and feed your pet, and it will regularly bring you experience, and sometimes various elements in the form of a system, axes or saws.

If you go out and go into the game - the ads in the newspaper are not updated - this is a myth. The secret of updating the newspaper is 2 minutes and 10 seconds, after entering the previous one. Check it out for yourself. If you haven’t visited a newspaper with announcements for a long time, then go in and quickly go out. Plant the wheat as soon as it ripens, count 10 seconds, and the ads will be the freshest.

Remember to plant the crops that grow the longest before going to bed. Also load all production to full only with the production that takes the longest.

Starting another farm on Hay Day is usually unnecessary. But if you still decide to start playing again, then just remove the game and install it again. Until you link it to your Google or Facebook account, the new farm will be level 1. And if you need to play it on another device for Android or iOS, then just enter another account.

One and the same farm can be downloaded to different devices, but at the same time you can play on only one. The moment you connect to the farm on one device, the connection on the other will be disconnected.

There is a very rare hack. You can load production without taking the finished product. It’s enough that there is no room in the barn at this moment. This secret can help win races a lot. Noticing the task of making something large, you can complete the task even before you take it.

Most farmers, laying the production, pull the necessary ingredients into a free cell. And the more cells we have, the further we have to drag a finger or mouse.

And now let's take into account that we have two dozen factories and plants, and each of them has 5-10 cells. And on the day we can deliver hundreds, if not thousands, of products to be manufactured. It’s easy to guess how much time we can save if we learn to do it right. For example, few people know that it is possible to start the production of the necessary product by throwing the ingredients only in the first cell, even if it is busy.

Touching only the corner of the main cell, it will appear freely, and the desired product will blink in the background. But that is not all. The main secret in the quick bookmark of production is to walk even less with your finger on your smartphone or tablet.

It turns out that the fastest loading of production is one in which it is enough for us to pull the desired product to the factory or factory. At the same time, the production itself begins to glow a little around the perimeter, so we understand that the ingredients can be thrown.

It happens that it is imperative to remove friends. The order in which they were deleted has changed slightly with the advent of a special book. So, in order to remove friends whom you no longer want to see in the tab, just do the following.

First of all, open the bottom panel by clicking on 3 people in the lower right corner.

And open the book of friends, which is marked in the screenshot above. Next, go to the “Friends in the game” tab and we have the opportunity to remove or block any friend.

Game features

I would like to draw attention to the fact that it is possible to play Hay Day on both mobile phones and computers. You can download the game for free, without any unnecessary worries. Interestingly, the developers approached the development of the project. The essence of the new Hay Day game is that you must look after the farm. Go to the village and take up the development of agriculture. Try to start growing new crops, harvest, milk cows, build stores, expand your own plot and feed different animals. It is clear that for all matters you will have to spend a little of your own money, various diamonds and some other things. The process of competition is such a pretty cool one.

You can play Hay Day both online and offline. The only thing that changes is the number of allowed functions. Development is also slower. It’s always harder to play without shopping. All progress is transmitted to a specific server and, thanks to the Internet connection, all data will be restored. Donat is not recommended. Why spend your money ?. Here for a normal game there are a lot of resources that will help you achieve success. Cheats also do not need to be used. Here they are simply not provided.

Recommendations and Tricks

If you use different tricks in the game Hay Day, then you can get an unrealistic result. From the first minutes you can surprise many people. Bring yourself huge revenues and become one of the best.

  • Any tools in the game can be purchased for coins or diamonds. Thanks to Facebook activation, you will be given a certain amount of coins. После того получать из можно будет за ежедневное посещение игры. Кроме того, если будете помогать другим игрокам, то вас также будут благодарить. Тратьте их на постройку каких-то новых зданий или же на производство. Мы уверены, что вам они обязательно пригодятся. Когда тратите алмазы, старайтесь использовать их только по большой нужде, так как пополнить их крайне тяжело. Расходуйте камни при создании каких-то определенных продуктов,
  • Внизу карты есть один мальчишка, который легко может помочь вам в тяжелую минуту. It helps only a few days and is completely free. The guy’s services will have to be paid separately, and you’ll have to pay a lot. Look for the necessary attributes, replenish stocks of dynamite and tools,
  • Thanks to the use of special tools, you can clean the area,
  • Try to complete daily tasks, for them you will receive bonuses. Get experience and money, open your own shops,
  • Add friends, look after trees and receive gift certificates, which will be much more interesting to play with,
  • Read newspapers, there you can find different items and purchase goods at a low price,
  • Complete tasks. Earn money and increase your own level. Over time, coins can pay off,
  • Try not to spend money on farm decor. Do everything as late as possible to decorate a lot more beautiful.

City Building Tips at Hay Day

If you have not yet been able to build your own city, then you will definitely need good tools now, among which can be axes, shovels, dynamites and some others. Thanks to these tools, you can build buildings where residents will purchase various goods. At first, grocery will be opened, and over time, many more incredibly cool and interesting things will open.

Try not to spend all your money in a short period of time. Upgrade buildings, upgrade them and make them cooler.

  • To increase the number of visitors, the station must be improved. Buy bricks, tar and even nails
  • The town hall can accommodate many residents. Buy various paints, nails, a hammer or bricks for her,
  • Transport goods, different ingots. At new levels, some other interesting things will appear,
  • Expand your own site, make it much larger and give other people the opportunity to also be on it.

Best Hay Day Tips

On the game Hay Day, you can give a huge number of tips, through which the passage will be much more interesting and easier. Experienced players decided to help you in completing certain tasks.

  • Forget about using different cheats,
  • Keep up to date with game updates. Watch what’s going on with friends at all, buy bulk materials and sell them more expensive,
  • Get diamonds with the help of certain draws. Raise your own level and constantly open chests,
  • When creating products, don’t be the last in line
  • Get rid of frogs in a lake or river,
  • Do not sell various tools, you will definitely need them,
  • Complete numerous tasks to get money,
  • Add people and become friends
  • Read newspapers and buy different items,
  • Take care of the garden, the trees and receive gift certificates,
  • Buy a dog to increase the experience,
  • Plant plants for a long time. This way you can save valuable time,

Constantly improve your own buildings, thanks to them you can place as many people as possible, who over time will be able to do different jobs. You can play Hay Day on different devices from the same account. Synchronize the application and immerse yourself in it anywhere.